Without .....

This year we are trying to live without buying :

... which includes
Shoes, Jewellery, Accessories etc.

... which includes
Magazines except those on subscriptions already paid for.

Lottery Tickets

Make Up
... hopefully the few things I do wear will last me for the whole year.

And we are living without additional
Housekeeping Money
except for the money saved last year in our Sealed Pot, and vouchers, coupons and points issued by 
Marks and Spencer
and Sainsbury's 

This list may be added to as things come to mind!!

*** *** *** *** ***

Books officially failed on 5th June with the purchase of this book.  I'll still be trying not to buy anymore books for the year, but a breach in the rules is not the end of the world and normal non-buying service has been resumed!!

Clothes officially failed on 15th October with the purchase of these five tops from M&S.
Hopefully a one off purchase to top up my Autumn/Winter wardrobe.