Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Day 328 - Bits and Bobs Soup

I keep finding things in the freezer that have been there waaaay too long!!

The bag of carrots at the front of this picture is a case in point.  I have not during the course of this year bought any little 'baby carrots' ... but I unearthed these the other day.  To be honest they looked a little worse for wear, well I guess I would too if I had been in a single plastic bag for over a year in a big deep freeze ... so it was to be expected.

I decided that I would hide their inadequacies in a big pot of soup and so gathered together some friends to join them.  One of our big potatoes, an onion and a frozen pot of 'potato water'.  If I'm making mash I never let the water go down the plughole when I drain the potatoes, I catch it in a bowl and once it's cool I freeze it in whatever is to hand to be the base of a soup or a stew.  All the goodness is in that water and I wouldn't dream of losing it. 

I haven't really added both the Bouillon and the McDougall's vegetable stock mix to the soup I was just decanting some from the big tub into the now empty Bouillon tub.  It's much easier to get the little one out of the cupboard than the large square tub ... I just have to remember I've done it and not expect to find bouillon in the small tub  :-)

Anyway added together this little assortment of ingredients kept us both in lunches for two days.  You just can't beat a good panful of homemade soup can you, especially now that the weather has taken a real turn for the worse.

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. Homemade soup is the best and is so tasty with simplest of ingredients. I've just had a sort out of my larder and found an out of date soup that we used to love. But when we started eating it we both said how bland it was compared to homemade. We are never buying shop bought again.

  2. Very thrifty I have one of those big tubs bought from approved foods some while ago, such good value, saving veg water is brilliant. You are so resourceful, I am picking up many tips from your for my challenge next year.

  3. I make soup at least 3 times a week as its my main diet staple after having a gastric bypass that had complications and i am unable to digest quite a lot of foods, so to ensure i get all my vitamins and minerals i tend to make aloads of different soups.
    Kerry i have stopped buying tinned soup except for cream of tomato as i dont think you can ever replicate that special taste of a certain brand but i do still have lurking cans of assorted bought soups in the cupboard but what i do now is add extra ingredients to them to zing up the taste. For example a tin of cream of chicken can be improved by adding a few oriental type spices and maybe some coconut cream/milk. I add curry powder & pinch of chilli to beef soup/broth to make a more mulligatawny type and a bit of miso and some blitzed sweetcorn to chicken noodle to make a more Chinese type soup.
    One of my favourite, simplest soups is some chicken stock with a few bits of cooked chicken, or shredded crabsticks and a tin of value sweetcorn blitzed with a stick blender and some thin nooodles and a bit of miso paste, quite easily as good as anything from the Chinese takeaway for a fraction of the price.

    1. I know what you mean about the special branded tomato soup, my hubby loves it :)


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