Friday, 18 November 2016

Day 323 - Salmon en Croute for One

Following on neatly from yesterday's post I thought I would show you what I did with one of the quarters of pastry that I thawed, cut, re-packaged and then re-froze.  I just couldn't just put them all straight back into the freezer after all my faffing about ... so I kept one out for my tea.

I knew I had four M&S salmon fillets in the freezer so I thawed one out and once ready for use I simply rolled out the pastry on it's sheet of Easy-Leave and topped with a bit of cling film.  I love this easy method to roll out pastry as it means that no additional flour gets into your pastry to alter it's proportions and dry it out, and of course you have no messy worktop to clean or rolling pin to wash.

Once it was the right size to cover the salmon fillet I topped the fillet with a line of sweet chillie sauce and then lay it top side down onto the pastry and wrapped the pastry round it.  I sealed all the edges with a light brushing of water and made sure that they were on the underneath ready for baking.  Then I brushed the whole thing with a beaten egg and made some little slits for the steam to escape, before popping it into the oven for 20 minutes.

The only thing I forgot to do was to take a photo of the finished Salmon en Croute once it came out of the oven .... it was delicious served with a jacket potato and some green beans.

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. I either have too much or not enough pastry, at least when it's too much I can do this! Thanks for sharing


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