Monday, 14 November 2016

Day 319 - The Last of ....

Sometimes I think I'm a bit strange ... no doubt those that know me well will agree with this, nod their heads and expect this post to end right here!!

But what I'm really writing about is my almost split personality, I veer from wanting lots in store to wanting my cupboards minimal and streamlined.  Opening a cupboard and seeing row upon row of either homemade or bought in goodies makes me want to peek in on a regular basis, just to check on the ordered neatness and fullness ... and yes, in another quirk, all my labels face front and everything is in neat rows ... with the exception of the baking cupboard where everything is thrown in willy nilly and opening the door to get something out used to result, before stock levels went down, in having to be prepared to catch the falling bag of peanuts that was bound to jump out at you!!   And don't ask why peanuts are stored in the baking cupboards .... they just are  ;-)

But in complete contrast to this, opening the cupboards and seeing just the basics there, the very basics, enough food to be used when it is needed and no more, is now refreshing to my soul.  I have swung from one extreme to the other for years now, but I think after this year of slowly, slowly running down stocks and making full use out of everything we have bought and everything that we have grown or produced, has swung me over and even more firmly in the camp of minimalism.

 I love opening a new packets or jars of something but more than that I love, love, love using the last of something and disposing of or washing out it's container and appreciating the space where it used to be. 

I guess I'll never cure myself of this weird and wonderful phenomena so I'll do what I have always done and enjoy both sides of me and lurch from lots to little, first to last, but in future there will be less of the lots and more of the little.

Today is a No Spend Day
... and the empty jar used to hold the last of the self raising flour  :-)


  1. I do not have a farm or can my food but I keep a neat pantry stocked with basics.
    Like you I like it neat, labels so I can see them and and not packed in a jumble.
    That way I know what I have and what I can use. I do buy fresh to eat in a few days.
    I enjoy you quirky posts.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Peanuts in baking cupboard makes perfect sense to me!

  3. My friends tease me that my pantry is completely alphabetized - but it's really not QUITE that organized! I don't believe in having something that you don't end up using - but I do like to have a good stockpile. I just have to do a bit better job of then using this food before it expires - and I am now doing a better job of alternating between fresh, freezer and pantry.

    PS - there seems to be a bit of a problem with you main blog today. I see the date & title and I see the square where a photo would normally be but nothing - no photo or type. Just thought I'd mention it.

    1. I don't know what's happened there then :-(

      Other people seem to be able to see it, there are comments relating to the photograph. I hope it rights itself for you, although the post is of no great importance so you're not missing too much ;-)

    2. It all seems to be corrected today - just one of those glitches that try us from time to time!


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