Sunday, 13 November 2016

Day 318 - Project 333 Swapsies

Well it's only a couple of weeks since I started using this round of P333clothes and already I have done a swap out.  The lilac coloured jumper just wasn't right,  an hour or so after wearing it for the first time this season I was pulling it down at the hem every few minutes and just generally catching sight of myself in the mirror and thinking 'this is not good'.

So I decided to do a swap with a pair of shoes.  The red shoes that I have had for years, indeed they were included in my first ever season Of P333 in 2012, were perfect to bring in to this collection to match with ...

... this top, which is a shade darker than it has photographed.

My newest M&S shirt ...

... and they just about match up with my check shirt.

So a good swap I think. 

The jumper has been added to the bundle of clothes earmarked for the charity shop to take the next the time I'm passing.

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. Love your lilac jumper and your shoes that you swapped. Wish we had a place to swap.

  2. I've taken inspiration from your older post on this and there's 3 bags waiting to go to charity of mine and the kids. I'm slowly working my way through the clothes but I'd like to get to almost a capsule wardrobe I think....I think

  3. Very sensible - this project is supposed to make things simpler (and to assess how your clothes are working for you) - not to add extra aggravation to your life.


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