Friday, 11 November 2016

Day 316 - Re-using and Re-Watching

We both like to recycle, re-use and re-purpose things whenever we can, and more and more these days things just get done without even thinking about it, case in point yesterday after using the last of some frozen vegetables.  I washed out the freezer bag and left it to drip dry naturally draped over the arm of the tap and then later inside out over the paper towel holder.  Once fully dry it was placed back in the drawer and it will be used again and again this way.

I like this photo it's all my favourite shades of white and wood ....

... that is until I put back what I moved to take the photo!!

An almost full bag of popcorn that I picked up at the cinema the other afternoon when I took myself off to see Bridget Jones' Baby for the second time.  I didn't buy the popcorn someone else had left it behind, so I picked it up for the chickens ... they love the stuff.

 There's something very relaxing going to the pictures in the afternoon with only a few other people in the cinema ... there were 14 of us, and everyone was in the mood for a good time, so there were lots of happy laughter at the funny bits, and again I gave it an 8/10.   But I was very shocked to come out at 4.45pm and see it was already dark outside!!

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. I think an afternoon at the cinema on a weekday sounds like a wonderful thing, especially after the last couple of days here! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Thanks for the reminder of the BJ film, I've just started giggling again about the 'we need to get her to the hospital and quick' scenes! Definitely more realistic than most film depictions of the journey to the hospital.

  3. We occasionally go on a Tuesday afternoon [Bob's day off] and take advantage of the over60s reduction [we are both 61] It is an absolute scream- there are only ever about a dozen there - and they are all way older than us! We feel like silly teenagers.

  4. I do the same with my bags, every little helps the planet and our pockets, what a lovely treat for the chickens, we are off to the cinema to see the new J K Rowling film when it's out we are watching in 3d, are you going to see that one?


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