Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Day 314 - Bananas

The reduced price bananas I bought last week sat on the worktop until they went all speckly, this is something that happens a lot to bananas that I buy.  I see the huge display of bananas when I step into the supermarket, fancy one immediately and pop a bunch into my trolley .... especially if as in this case they are sporting a big yellow reduced sticker, and the thing is by the time I get home I never really fancy eating one.

This is EXACTLY what the supermarkets want us to do and yes, I fall into their trap over and over again.  I should walk in the store chanting to myself ... 'I will not buy bananas, I will not buy bananas'.

But at least in this house they are never wasted, as I bet they are in so many homes.  If a cake isn't on the menu or a last minute Banoffee pie they are quickly chopped into chunks and open frozen before being tipped into a freezer bag once they are nice and solid.  Then they are ready at a moments notice to be churned up into some banana icecream.

It's simple you just whizz up frozen bananas until they turn into an almost Mr Whippy consistency and pile into a dish to be eaten instead of mass produced commercial icecream, much healthier for you as I guess frozen bananas are still one of your five a day,  and even better for you if like me you try to avoid dairy whenever you can.

You can of course add things to your icecream, chocolate chips, some vanilla paste, chopped nuts, the possibilities are endless, and the strangest thing I found the very first time I did this a couple of years ago ... was that your banana icecream does not taste much like banana at all !!

Here's a post I did on my main blog all about banana icecream and choc ices, only don't do as I did in one of the photos there and place your bananas into the freezer with their skins still on .... you have to slice it off bit by bit and it takes ages  !

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. Yum. Do love bananas as ice cream, as someone who has only recently discovered their potential.

  2. I freeze bananas all the time, in the peel. Then, I use them in baking. I have a family member who is allergic to eggs and 1/2 banana equals one egg in baking. No banana ever goes to waste here either. Myra, from Winnipeg, Canada, where we have had a lovely, unseasonably warm Nov. day , plus 17 (when it should be zero). Love it.

  3. We eat bananas every week with our fruit salads for breakfast, occasionally there will be one or two that get a bit past it and I make gluten free banana pancakes with them, yum ! I also make a banana icecream using the same method, but I add a few good spoonfuls of home made peanut butter and some maple syrup to it as well, oh my it is delicious! We have a tv ad here in Australia for bananas that has been around for years, the song is so catchy, you'll have to google it! Bananas - makes your body sing!

  4. Have you seen the yonanas machine, that makes like banana soft serve ice cream? A healthy alternative to use up lots of fruit.

    1. Haha ..... I just went and had a look at that. My food processor does a better job, is easier to use and clean and doesn't make the first banana mysteriously vanish ... oh and I can use it for lots of other things too.

      Thanks for the link :-)

    2. I watched it too - I think I shall stick with my processor. But the guy was great fun to watch!!

  5. I had no idea you could freeze bananas. Thank you!

  6. Just made my first batch of banana ice-cream (with a bit of added peanut butter) and have to say - it was delicious. I used my stick blender, and while it did the job I think that next time I will use my blender as it has the power to go through ice cubes and I found that I did have to let things thaw a bit before the stick blender could manage things.


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