Saturday, 22 October 2016

Days 295/296 - Borrowing Books

I missed posting yesterday as we were here, there and everywhere ... all day.

One of the places we called to was the local library, as although we have now lived here in North Wales for three years we had yet to join.  I asked one of the librarians if it was a well supported branch and she smiled and assured me it was, the other librarian came over to join in the conversation and we chatted about the threat of closure to some libraries in the UK, they were very happy that their usage and joining figures were exceptionally high so we should get to keep this lovely little branch for a long time ...phew!!

Of course although we said we would just have a little look around to familiarise ourselves with things there I did find some books that I just had to borrow, and Lovely Hubby picked up a 'Learn Welsh'  book and cd set to keep his evenings in his digs productive,

So now we both have library cards tucked in our wallets and the safe knowledge that reading matter will always be available to us ... no matter how strapped for cash we might be in the future.

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. My daughter is a librarian and loves her work. I too worked a small branch until last year when they decided my job was no longer necessary. In our county, 2 branches have been closed and next year 2 more are slated, including the one I worked at for 8 years. Very sad, what's happening.

  2. I'm so very bad about getting books back to the library on time that I quit using the library. Then they got ebooks and now I check out books all the time and when they're due back they disappear from my Kindle.

  3. I love my local library. Uts much more than books, its been a great source of information since my retirement. Long live librariesđź’•

  4. 3 Years without joining - That's terrible!!
    You know about me and libraries - love them. very excited as when we move "back to the country" (poss new blog name?) I'll be able to go to a mobile library again.

  5. We can also get DVD's and CD's from our libraries so lots of entertainment available. I also love all the "talks" and author's readings that they arrange - I went to hear Donna Leon speak in the Spring and it was a good thing my friend got there early as 600 people showed up to hear her! They managed to shoehorn everyone in - it was at the main Reference Library and they have a huge event room. A couple of the bigger libraries also run film afternoons and evenings - love libraries!

  6. There's a great language-learning website/app called Duolingo which has a free course in Welsh :)

  7. I spent my entire working life in Libraries, thirty eight lovely years! I didn't envisage leaving the service until I had to due to age.
    However, our councillors see Libraries as a soft target, and are gradually getting rid of as many libraries/library hours as they can get away with!
    The problems started in 2007/2008 when the plan was to close eleven out of twenty four libraries. They almost succeeded too, until the lovely Andy Burnham stepped in and stopped them, literally days before the closures were due to happen. Now however, library hours have been cut to ridiculous levels, many branches which used to be open for forty hours per week are now only open for eighteen hours, with no late evening or Saturday afternoon opening. Of course, this means that the numbers of library visits, book issues and computer usage has dropped dramatically, which in turn makes the libraries vulnerable to any future closure plans.
    I admit that when they offered early retirement I jumped at the chance to get out, I really didn't want to stay and see the service decimated by semi literate councillors!
    It seems that in our area, it's far more important for the Chief Executive to have his office re-fitted and new stair carpet fitted in the Town Hall than to keep such a valuable asset as Libraries!
    If you have a library service, it's very much a case of 'use it or lose it'.


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