Monday, 24 October 2016

Day 298 - Sorting Out - Clothes

So many people have too many clothes, but I think, at last, lots of us are waking up to the fact that we really don't need throwaway fashion.  I have never really subscribed to buying lots of clothes just because they were cheap and, shock horror ... have only ever been in a Primark store once in my lifetime.  I came out with two t shirts that virtually vanished after the first wash so thin was the fabric ... I never went back.

My wardrobe is usually kept neat and tidy and I can pretty much tell you where everything is that I own.  But some things are in boxes, out of season that's not a problem but when I need anything out of the boxes I have to stand on the bed and reach over for the top ones.  I need to slightly re-organise and I'm using this round of Project 333 to have a final sort out and clear out, and put the things I will need for the next three months either in my three drawers of the chest or hanging neatly on my half of the wardrobe, with one box being used if I need it.

My little shoe cupboard is also kept neatly .... but does one person need 20 pairs of shoes?

Off to do my final sort out - NOW.  I'll be back with the photos tomorrow  :-)

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. This is a difficult one for me I am thinking I should have a bit of a sort out but then I am thinking, I should keep and wear/use what I have as I don't want to be buying again for a few years.
    I have only been to Primark twice (first time this year) I bought a knitted winter hat for £3.00 and two packs nice socks which where reduced right down to £1 per pack. But yes you are right about the clothes, I would rather pick up a nice label in the charity shop, one of our shops here do any three items of clothing for £4.99 and if you take the time to go through it properly there are some good labels to find.

  2. being short I have a lot of problems with clothes, I therefore dont have a huge amount. Shoes, I have far too many and bags. Oh my goodness so many things. I need to really weed it all out and sell bits on flea-bay, ready for moving again!

  3. I'd like a new waterproof to wear when I am cycling [on my Christmas List] but other than that I believe I have all the clothes I need for a few years yet. I am also trying to reduce my shoe mountain. They are not good enough to pass on to a CS, but by wearing a few pairs till they are totally worn out rather than ALL of them in rotation should help.

    1. I did something similar with work clothes a few years ago. Knowing that I planned to give up this particular job, and look for something less stressful, closer to home and only couple of days week, I decided to go through all my work wardrobe and come up with five 'uniforms' that I could wear week in, week out, rather than going through everything in rotation. I figured that that way, I'd either wear stuff out or get so sick to death of it, I'd be happy to let it go! Worked great, in one autumn/winter/very cold spring, I managed to get rid of several dresses and a couple of pairs of trousers. Am doing same now with 'scruffies' for home. Got three tops that I'm wearing as my cleaning tops, one already got bleach stains on so that can go now.

  4. I too have far more than I need, but am loathe to get rid of them. Because of my disability I don't really go shopping for clothes, but if there is something I see that I like then I sometimes buy it. I've bought two things in Primark, a cowl type thing, which I've sent to a charity shop and a pair of lounge trousers with the Batman logo I bought to wear at one of my grand-daughter's birthday partie as she was having a themed one of superheroes, that also went to a charity shop. Shoes I don't have a problem with as there is only a few styles I can wear and I don't have many of them.

    Joan (Wales)

  5. I love shoes they are my weakness but I never pay full price.

  6. Good luck with the sort out. It's all looking very tidy!

  7. So far, for 2016, I've purchased 2 tee shirts, a pack of socks, 2 packs of undies, 1 pair of dress pants. I don't think that's a lot. I've six pairs of shoes, 4 jackets, 3 dresses, 2 sweaters and 14 shirts hanging in the closet, 1 robe and a rain jacket. I could do with a second rain slicker but otherwise, no more for me. I despise clothes shopping so try to avoid it. Your closet looks very tidy.

  8. I honestly feel I have enough clothes and shoes to last me 'til I die (I'm only 52!!).


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