Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Day 293 - Like Buses

Money Spent Today - £6.40
Vouchers/Coupons/Points Spent - 0
Money Spent in Total - £328.71- All the Budget Now Gone
Vouchers/Coupons/Points Spent in Total - £300.75
Money left in Housekeeping Fund - 0
In the Red by -  £6.84

My shopping days it would seem are like buses, none for ages then a few come along all at once.  This time I dropped into Tesco for a tub of ice-cream, Lovey Hubby likes it with his crumble, I like it too but I try not to succumb to temptation, I like breathing through my nose to much and anything with milk in it blocks my sinuses for twenty four hours  :-(

Everything else (apart from the Vienetta) was a yellow stickered bargain.  Not totally bargain-alicious but enough to tempt me into spending.  Seemingly I hit the store at just the right time, all the fridge section and half an aisle of ambient had been yellow stickered in a mass sort out of stock.  The reasons for the ambient reductions were on the shelf edge labels and varied from short dates, last of stock, change of packaging etc ... it made for interesting reading, but as you can see they only tempted me with the half price rice cakes.

The Vienetta is all gone .... somethings are just too tempting ...and breathing through your nose is vastly over-rated  ;-)


  1. Why don't you try vegan ice cream? I always had horrendous sinus issues until I went vegan (I did not realise their cause until I did). It was not so commonly recognised as a cause back then all those years ago.

    1. I might one day, but I really don't eat ice cream that often ... I just seem to have a blip every now and then. Usually I try to buy flavours that I don't like and then LH can just have an occasional scoop with his pud ... and it doesn't mysteriously vanish when he's not around ;-)

    2. I did not eat ice cream at all until I went vegan. There are some great flavours around these days and the texture is really spot on now. Just a thought. I don't eat ice cream often either as my husband eats it before I get chance to lol! My big brother and his wife retired to North Wales earlier this year.

  2. I know some people have had relief by switching to A2 type milk (think it's a different type of milk protein) and if that works for you, then home made ice cream could be a possibility? I have an ice cream maker which is worth its weight in gold and they turn up all the time in charity shops

    1. I just don't eat enough ice cream to make an ice cream maker worth having.


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