Monday, 17 October 2016

Days 290/291 - Making Things Last

It's that time of year when I put my Summer shoes through the wash ready for only very occasional wear in the Autumn and Winter.  I don't like wet feet so unless it's a guaranteed dry day these don't see much daylight at this time of year.

I usually hold my breathe slightly when I come to open the door of the washing machine, to see if my shoes are still in one piece, but up to now I have always been able to take them out of the machine in one piece.  I was pleased the red ones survived as they had been bought quite cheaply in the Sainsbury's sale at the end of last Summer and hadn't been washed before.

The green ones were bought in 2013 from the Hotter shop and had been in use all though that Summer, all through the Summer of 2014 ....

and all through the good weather of 2015.

So after wearing them on and off throughout this year this was their fourth washing machine adventure ... and still they have come out looking fresh and ready for next Summer.

I can't remember how much they cost, a little bit more than I usually pay for canvas sneakers, but whatever it was they have been worth every penny.

Today is a No Spend Day
... as was yesterday when I didn't have time to post!!


  1. I am a shoe killer! None of them last!

  2. Do you put them straight into the machine? or in a laundry net/knotted pillowcase? With or without laces? Having an Aga to dry them on must be a blessing x

    1. I just put them in as they are, laces still in place.

      I suppose ideally they should be in a pillowcase or similar, but I have always found as long as I put them in with something else, this time it was with a fleece jacket they have enough padding in the machine to tumble around without thudding too much or making the weight uneven in the drum.

    2. A fleece jacket is a brilliant idea- they probably fluff up the fleece whilst it protects them!! thanks for the reply

  3. Good job, I have actually washed slippers before and they have been fine, like you say it is a way of making things last.

  4. Ha ha, I am dreadful, I was them all ... Trainers, shoes like yours, slippers. No disasters yet. This week I washed the insides of my Clarks work shoes (the ones with heels). I wasn't brave enough to machine wash them (wasn't quite sure what would happen to the leather) so I put soap inside and scrubbed the padded fabric insoles which were getting quite smelly after a summer of no tights. I put them in the sunshine to dry and went out. While I was out, it tipped it down with rain! I had to pour the water out from the shoes. They are currently drying for the second time. I do hope they won't have shrunk! �� Helen x

  5. Love your blog and wish you lived closer so you could take advantage of our local thrift shop where all clothes and shoes and coats are just 99 cents. The money wasted on clothing, especially in the US is truly disgraceful. keep up the good work!


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