Saturday, 15 October 2016

Day 289 - Clothes ... Fail

What is it with me ... first I went into the red on the housekeeping part of the Challenge the other day, and then yesterday I got so frustrated with my clothes that while I was out I went and bought £100 worth of new tops from M&S, well it would have been almost £100 if ....

... this T shirt that was labelled as £22.50 hadn't come up on the till when the assistant scanned it ... at just £1.99. 

There things are not so bad after all  :-)

Proof of my bargain of the day.

But it's still a fail on the Challenge in the clothes department now.  Still I guess having my first clothes purchases of the year in the second week of October is not too bad.

Today is a No Spend Day
... this little tag applies to the housekeeping ... not clothes .... phew!!


  1. Trouble is that once you overspend by 33p - the temptation sneaks up on you doesn't it she says laughing? It's so hard to go a year with no new clothes even if it's only work stuff for gardening from the charity shop.

  2. You may think you've failed your challenge but i know of no one else who lives off such little money or who spends time repeatedly preserving food making jams etc & I definetly don't know anyone who can get to October without buying new clothes!

    You may not of got to the end of the year with your challenge but you certainly haven't failed!

    Buying stuff is realistic but you have become more self aware & more disciplined in the process.

    You've succeeded in learning from this year.

    Well Done

  3. Haha. Good for you! I know I couldn't have lasted anywhere near as long!

  4. Total bargain there! Our local M&S always has a sale rail, even when it's not sale time. I got my daughter (23) a pair of limited edition skinny jeans reduced from £45 to......99p!! Always worth looking!

  5. Hi Sue, In the last 2 years I have moved to having far fewer clothes - trying the capsule wardrobe concept. I've also lost weight which meant replacing a lot of them anyway but I've found that having fewer and wearing them more often is causing them to wear out quicker and therefore I am having to replace them. I mainly shop m&s ( sale mostly)
    I don't think I could get through a year without buying an item.

    You've done brilliantly. X

  6. I think you did great. Those are great bargains and very nice tops. I usually don't buy many clothes but sometimes you just need a new top. I do wear a minimalistic wardrobe of white, black and dark blue tops. jeans, blue and black . Here in California I don't even own a heavy coat , just a North face fleece. Oh, plus I only have my walking shoes, Birkenstocks and a pair of Naots I just bought since I'll be attending evening attire event.

  7. Replacing clothes is inevitable, we all need certain clothes for certain occasions & at least you are doing it mindfully and not buying 'throwaway' garments.
    PS I have that M&S wine coloured starry blouse and am getting lots of wear out of it - v versatile and easy to wear.

  8. I think you have done well. Plus sometimes you need some new things plus they were on sale !

    cheers, parsnip

  9. I know for certain that I never would have made it this far - you have done brilliantly! And besides, I think part of this year's challenge was to learn how you would do - what was realistic and what may need to be "tweaked" going forward - wasn't it? This purchase is all part of that learning.

  10. I think you've done well overall, and as long as the clothes were needed and on sale and you don't shop and spend just to pass time you're doing well. As someone else mentioned, this is all part of a learning process. Enjoy your new tops.


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