Friday, 30 September 2016

Day 274 - The Last Batch of Jelly

That's it I'm all done with jam and jelly making.  The cupboard is full, the jars are all virtually used up and I'm sick of the sight of the jelly bag, drip, drip dripping overnight. 

We shouldn't starve that's for sure, and it's all bloody very tasty stuff that's tastes absolutely gorgeous on a slice of homemade bread when I'm too lazy to fry an egg for breakfast  ;-)

If you're wondering what they are balanced on in the top photo, it's the mirror that is over the freezer in the conservatory. 

I was about to put them all into what's now been christened 'The Jam Cupboard' when I suddenly thought they would look good balanced on the little shelf that usually hold nightlights.  There an arty farty blogging photo ..... just for you  ;-)

Today is a well balanced No Spend Day
... well the mirror is only held up on ONE nail.  I took the jars off VERY carefully two at a time!!


  1. Nice pic! You'll be posting on instagram next...

  2. Just in case you hadn''t noticed, your blog link has dropped of your main blog page

  3. I noticed that too and there's no posts from others that you like to follow,I just found you here by going through all of my search history

  4. No jam making for me but I have been trying to freeze peppers which are on for extra cheap at the moment at about a dollar a pound instead of the usual four dollars a pound! I've open froze strips and bagged them up, chopped raw peppers and combined them with raw chopped onions, bagged and froze them - and cooked up batches of peppers and onions, bagged and froze them. The freezer is pretty full at the moment but I'm glad that I took the time - I use a lot of them and they are one veg that is very expensive in the winter so it will be worth it later on.
    Your little jars of jelly look wonderful and it must be a real treat when combined with home made bread!

  5. How much sugar do you use in the jams?


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