Saturday, 24 September 2016

Day 268 - Homegrown Herbs

The kitchen windowsill is looking very lush at the moment.
 I've recently brought all the pots of herbs in from the polytunnel,l as the dramatically fluctuating temperatures between daytime and night time were having a very detrimental effect on them, and anyway it's so much easier to snip a bit of this or a bit of that off when you're cooking and they are there right under your nose.  It also tempts me to add them to things I might not ordinarily add herbs to if they are close at hand. 
The rest of my herbs are outside in the old tin bath near the kitchen door and I'll start to bring a few sprigs of some of them inside soon, to dry over the heat of the Aga so I know I'll have a good selection for Winter use.
The cut herbs that I  entered into the Llanrwst Show were all chopped finely and dried, and then fitted into this one jar on the kitchen shelves ... handy for a sprinkle here and a sprinkle there of intense herby goodness.
Today is a No Spend Day

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  1. Flourishing herbs there. Can I ask if you don't use them everyday do you still nip at them to keep them flourishing and if so what do you do with the bits you take off? Throw or use? (You dont strike me as thw throw away type though)

    We have a kitchen herb box. But I'm thinking of planting chilli plants in them instead. I use chilli's more than herbs & i have dried herbs in the bought but they last long enough. There isnt anything quite like the smell of fresh basil though so i may keep a fresh basil plant again :)


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