Friday, 23 September 2016

Day 267 - There ... But Not For Eating

Last week and this we've had another few loads of wood chippings delivered by the guys who work to keep the roads clear of overhanging trees, including some of ours. 
 Every day when I walk the dogs past the heaps in the paddock I notice new batches of mushrooms and toadstools,  there's a new crop almost every day but they are most definitely not for eating.  I just don't have the confidence even with a book in my hand to know for sure if they are edible or poisonous. 

 I don't like any of the fungi family so I would hate to poison my beloved just in an attempt to save some money .... even though his life insurance is up to date  ;-)
Today is a No Spend Day


  1. I love mushrooms but only shop bought ones. Too scary to contemplate picking.

  2. I feel the same, we have loads on our muck heap and they look divine (I love mushrooms) but just not worth the risk.

  3. Same here, I often spot them growing wild but wouldn't dream of picking any although my neighbour does and she eats them too. It's far too risky :/

  4. I often spot them on my walks, and we even get some growing in the lawn when it is really damp. Like you I am scared to pick any as I can not tell an edible mushroom from a poisonous one. Too risky.

    God bless.

  5. We went foraging once in Northumberland with a friend who knows all about fungi. We collected loads of gorgeous wild mushrooms, and for lunch had the best mushroom omelette ever was fabulous!
    I'd love to have the confidence to go foraging for wild mushrooms, but I lack the knowledge!
    Do you know why you should always take a mushroom to a party? Because he's a real fun guy!

  6. As a child and as a teenager I picked wild mushrooms all the time, it was just something our family did. My dad once showed me a death cap which is the commonest cause of death as they are similar to the white capped mushrooms we buy in the shops. My dad told me to smell them,a chemical or carbolic smell says they are poisonous. I think I could identify a safe mushroom today but for the sake of saving a small amount of money I wouldn't take the risk either- and that is from someone who has eaten many a self picked plate of breakfast mushrooms in a less risk averse era!

  7. Oh, and the ones you have in the photos there look poisonous!


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