Saturday, 17 September 2016

Day 261 - Beating Mr Birdseye

Our peas haven't done brilliantly this year. 
We've been eating them directly from the pods while we've been out and about on the Veggie Patch and in the tunnels as delicious little snacks with the pods being thrown to the chickens for conversion to eggs, but the only peas that made it into the house before the plants were struck with mildew were these.
I am pleased to say though that in getting them from 'field to freezer' in under 30 minutes I've beaten any promise made by Mr Birdseye (of frozen pea fame) for freshness :-)
Today is a No Spend Day


  1. One of my wonderful childhood memories is the sweet taste of those peas fresh from the garden. I'm sure yours are much fresher than any Mr Birdseye!!

  2. Trivial fact - the jingle 'sweet as the moment when the pod went pop' was written by the late radio personality Steve Race. He once said that he made more money from that tune than Beethoven did in his entire lifetime. What a crazy world! Weekend blessings to you both

    1. I love random facts like those 😊

  3. I had one good crop then like you mildew struck. But they are a little bit of heaven in your mouth.


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