Friday, 16 September 2016

Day 260 - 2000 Radishes .....

I didn't know what to use my vegetable show cash winnings for at first.   I knew I wanted it to be food related but also I didn't want it to impact on this Challenge.  So when the opportunity came up to fill some gaps in my seed drawer with a selection of seeds at just 50p a packet at the garden centre I  knew this would sit well with me.
So £3 of my £17.50 winnings was invested on cucumbers, radishes and spring onions along with two packets of flower seeds for Nut Wood in Spring.  Not a bad buy, at full price these packets would have cost me £14.82.
So I have, potentially :
2000 radishes
160 Spring Onions
and 10 Cucumber plants
... as well as the Borage and Chamomile.
I've been buying my seeds at this time of year since we started our little journey into self sufficiency.  Most garden centres reduce their packets of seeds to 50p each in August and September to get rid of all the old stock, and always the seeds have a long shelf life.  All my new packets say to use before 2020 .... so there's no rush to get them sown   ;-)
Today is a No Spend Day


  1. Hi Sue, An avid reader of both your blogs but very rarely comment. You do such wonderful informative posts anyway that I am a little embarrassed to ask but could you add a few comments as to why you either like or dislike the books you read and the films you see? Was interested to see you gave the Marie Claire Michelle Cranston cookbooks such a low score and would like to know why. Haven't read them yet myself but see that Michelle generally has pretty high scores on Amazon.
    I love reading about your life on your Welsh hillside. Go girl!

  2. Sorry, there's just not the space to leave remarks on why I've given the marks I have to the books and films, but if you ever want to know I can answer comments here.

    I gave the marks I did to Michelle Cranston's books because one of them was mostly meat recipes (I don't eat meat) and the other was really basic salads etc that I already make. And they were pretty much 'style over substance'. Nice to look at ... but only once. Luckily I bought them both from car boot sales for just 50p each.

    1. Fair enough. Thanks for replying Sue, and I will definitely ask in future if ever I would to know why you like a book or not. Always interesting to get someone else's view point.


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