Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Day 258 - Filling the Cupboards

Just as the contents of the cupboards and freezers had gone down satisfying well, they have suddenly filled up all over again.
My jam, jelly and  marmalade sessions are filling up the home stores cupboard and my recent conversion of lots of the tomatoes, courgettes and other bits and bobs into pasta sauces has filled up the main food cupboard too.
Oh well who needs empty space in the food stores when Winter is coming and the purse supplies are dwindling to never seen before lows.
We are still eating most of our meals directly from the poly and net tunnels, although the only things left out on the Veggie Patch are about a third of the sweetcorn and a couple of sad looking courgette plants ... oh and one very prolific runner bean plant that I actually planted last year which has sprung back to life and is dripping with beans.  I've taken one good harvest from it already which is now residing in the freezer, and there's at least one more equally big one to come.  I do love free, or no work needed food  :-)
Today is a No Spend Day
.... in fact this is Day Ten of not spending.


  1. You are doing very well. All that hard work is paying off. Well done.

    Joan (Wales)

  2. My runner beans were a disaster this year but everything else has been brilliant so mustn't grumble.

  3. My runner beans have been amazing - everything else hasn't been so good. Funny how it goes!

  4. My kind of cupboard filled with home made goodies.
    If and when you have time would you be able to post some of the recipes?

  5. That cupboard would make me feel very satisfied with my hard work. People have been giving me surplus from their gardens recently, all gratefully received and used. I bought large bags of very cheap overripe bananas and made lots of banana loaves for packed lunches. They are sliced up and in the freezer. Still not getting that freezer run down to defrost it!!

  6. That looks a wonderful store cupboard for the coming year. You have worked hard.

    I had a runner bean crop failure - the first EVER - last year it was courgettes. It was the slugs that won the day. I've planted again, in big tubs, but they're only just setting their first tiny runners so I hope we have an Indian Summer and they will grow lots.

    Whilst I LOVE making jams and jellies and chutneys, I try to avoid the sweet things (bad enough that I bake!) so I just make a few jars as gifts.

    I am about to have a mammoth chutney session though as I turned my back and found marrows in place of courgettes (!) and the apple harvest here is just stupendous this year. Probably 200 lbs or so. I shall be giving LOTS away.


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