Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Day 257 - Wants v Needs - Clothes

I still forget on occasion, after all I am only human (honest) forget to stop and weigh up my wants versus needs.  I am better at it ... so much better ... these days though compared to the old, old me back in the town.
I can browse my way around a shop admiring and pointing things out to whoever I am with and not want to buy them at all.  The few things I have bought, usually when Lovely Hubby says 'go on treat yourself' I sometimes regret when I get home.
How much nicer it is to get home with nothing but my handbag to hang back in the cupboard, nothing to put away or to find a home for.  It's liberating.
And it's with this in mind that I am going to have a last sort out of my clothes, hoping to get one more car boot sale done in the next couple of weeks.  It's almost time to do the Autumn round of Project 333, it starts on 1st October, the Summer round went out of the window for me, with all my t shirts being in the drawer and accessible, and no I didn't find it easier having them all there, I found it a bit stressful and A LOT annoying.
I don't need lots of clothes and I don't want lots of clothes and over the last few years I have whittled them down nicely, this year of living without any new clothes has brought this home to us both. Yes, there are things we know we will have to purchase as soon as the year is over, but actually not that many.  It's been good to put a brake on the spending in this way.
Today is a No Spend Day


  1. I used to have an emotional attachment (ridiculous!) to my clothes. However I began selling some and now look forward to the money coming in which I get for selling them. I also donate stuff to my local greyhound rescue charity shop. It's said that we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. In my case I only seem to wear a couple of outfits 100% of the time!! Now shoes....don't get me started on my shoe collection (from someone who lives in flip flops!!).

  2. When I took time out about 12 years ago to retrain as a teacher, I had a year with buying no clothes (apart from a 5 pack of knickers!). Until then, I'd been a dedicated once a week shopper, not coming home unless I had something, even if it was only just a lipstick or a nail varnish. I managed to break that habit but I still love my clothes, I just shop in a different way now. I don't like charity shops and here in my part of the world, they're as expensive as retail sales anyway. Now I buy my clothes in end of season sales, last week I bought a gorgeous maxi dress and little jacket which will be my 'best' outfit for any smart events next year. In the post winter sales I'll pick up any jumpers/winter dresses. By sticking to plains/stripes/polka dots and classic styles, it doesn't matter that you're buying one whole year out of season, those things weather all trends.

  3. Good luck with the boot sale! I don't really like buying clothes, with the faff of trying things on and finding the right size. Living on a lower budget has almost been a relief sometimes, in just enjoying the clothes I already have.


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