Monday, 12 September 2016

Day 256 - Apples, Apples, Apples

What we've got lots of at the moment around these parts are apples, they are dropping off the trees faster than we can pick them.  As the majority of our apples trees are extremely old ones they are tall ... and of course being on a hillside makes them even taller compared to little old us, so most of the apples are way out of the reach of our apple picker stick thingy. 
 So we have picked most of the ones within reach and we just have to wait for the ones on the higher branches to fall off ... praying that they don't fall on our heads as we pass by .... there have been a few near misses up to now and a few startled dogs as apples rain down and roll down the hillside, seemingly to them an attack from the heavens  :-)
Today is a No Spend Day

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  1. My nieces apple tree snapped under the weight of the fruit. Is it a good year?


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