Friday, 9 September 2016

Day 253 - Lovely Tomato Soup

The tomato plants are literally ripening as fast as I can use the lovely little fruits now.  I have lots of jars of homemade tomato sauces already in the store cupboard so this time I thought I would make some tomato soup as I was wondering what to have for lunch.

I simply chopped up the larger tomatoes, added a couple of chopped red onions, a few garlic cloves and went and snipped some Rosemary and Sage from the old tin bath of herbs outside the back door.

Everything was drizzled with olive oil and popped into the bottom oven of the Aga for a couple of hours, stirring once every twenty or so minutes, an amazing amount of liquid came out of the tomatoes!

Once everything was super, super soft I pulled out the herbs and whizzed the vegetables with my stick blender, nothing else was added and the resulting tomato soup is absolutely delicious, and very rich.

Today is a No Spend Day 
... and it's more tomato soup for lunch :-)


  1. I spent some time skinning, chopping and freezing some of our glut to use in the winter. I'm going to try your soup recipe - I'm guessing you don't need to skin them first??

    1. No, I hate peeling tomatoes so I pushed it all through a sieve after instead, the skins were lovely and soft and it only took me minutes to get this lovely velvety smooth soup.

  2. Oh my.....just look at those gorgeous colours.
    You can't beat a homemade tomato soup-x-

  3. Looks lovely. You are amazing in what you make. Would you be willing to post how you can your tomato sauce. i have been freezing mine but I'm running out of space:)

    1. No sorry, no recipe for that on here. I don't 'can' my sauces I simply bottle piping hot sauce into hot jars and let a vacuum form as it cools. It works well for me, and always has, but seems to cause an absolute outcry in blogging world when I dare to post a recipe doing it this way :-(

      There are lots of canning tips and films on Google and YouTube if you fancy having a go for the first time.

    2. Thanks Sue, I guess since it's not 'true water bathing' people might get weird. I'm fine with it all and I'll go check out a you tube or three:)

  4. Yummy looking soup.

    God bless.


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