Thursday, 8 September 2016

Day 252 - Homegrown Sweetcorn

Yesterday I blanched the first few of the sweetcorn  cobs.  They look slightly different because I made the mistake of planting two different types of sweetcorn plants in the same bed and they have cross-pollinated .... oops !!

I open froze them so they wouldn't stick together ....

... and then bagged and labelled them before returning them to the freezer.  

There are lots more to pick but I am letting them get a bit bigger than these.  I didn't even used to like sweetcorn, but homegrown has changed my mind, as it has with quite a few things, they are so much sweeter and tastier than the shop bought cobs.  If you are buying it from the shops opt for frozen kernels for maximum freshness, taste and value, although tinned are a good store cupboard standby.

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. How many plants did you put in?

  2. I think it was thirty, twenty outside on the Veggie Patch and ten or so in the Net Tunnel. Why?

  3. Something else that's never grown here. I've tried in the greenhouse, direct into the ground and even thrown the seeds randomly onto a flower bed, nothing!! BBQ'd sweet corn is the best smothered in naughty butter.

  4. Just curious...they all look delicious. I hope you enjoy and you're right about homegrown Vs frozen or tinned...

  5. Oooh, I love sweetcorn, be it fresh, frozen or tinned, I'm something of an addict!
    Unfortunately, I also love slathering best butter over the 'de-kerneled' cob and sucking every last bit of flavour out of it, making it a totally unhealthy vegetable!


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