Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Day 251 - Decluttering

A few weeks ago I bought this set of document drawers off  blogging buddy Elaine from her Etsy page.  A pretty unique item that I fell in love with when she put them on her Facebook page with the question 'should I paint these or leave them as they are to sell', I replied immediately 'leave them as they are and sell them to me'.  I simply fell in love with them and bought them there and then.

It's rare this happens now, and I tend to find that when I buy something it is with a definite use in mind.  So much of our excess 'stuff' has gone and de-cluttering our lives is an ongoing journey that I enjoy, although I have to admit to not going through things as much just recently, and being so rushed off my feet that even reading my way through the books to see if I can get rid of some has slowed right down at the moment.

This year of  'without' has not really touched on de-cluttering at all but with the last nice car boot sales of the year in our area coming up I am wondering if a week long blitz around the house might be a good idea.

There's something about all this squirreling away of our daily harvests that is driving me mad.  So much food, which in reality of course is not that excessive when I think that it has to last us until this time next year, but it just seems so much .... and all at once.

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. I love miniature chests of drawers and would have done exactly the same as you, Sue. Well done.

    Joan (Wales)

  2. Love the drawers to. I see Hugh on the side, one of my favourite books. I have the Fruit and Leftovers arriving via Amazon soon.

  3. I so agree about the food. Why does it all have to come at once?!

  4. I'm the same about having full cupboards of food and household stuff. I had a major op in July and knew it would be a long recovery so did a massive online shop prior to going into hospital. I'm now at the stage of thinking 'can that last third of a bottle of shampoo fit into the tops of those two unopened bottles of shampoo so I can then get rid of that one bottle?!' I think it's to do with intellectually appreciating having your cupboards and freezers full so you don't have to worry about not having stock in but ...... if you're a natural declutterer, it just feels like your house is full of stuff!


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