Friday, 30 September 2016

Day 274 - The Last Batch of Jelly

That's it I'm all done with jam and jelly making.  The cupboard is full, the jars are all virtually used up and I'm sick of the sight of the jelly bag, drip, drip dripping overnight. 

We shouldn't starve that's for sure, and it's all bloody very tasty stuff that's tastes absolutely gorgeous on a slice of homemade bread when I'm too lazy to fry an egg for breakfast  ;-)

If you're wondering what they are balanced on in the top photo, it's the mirror that is over the freezer in the conservatory. 

I was about to put them all into what's now been christened 'The Jam Cupboard' when I suddenly thought they would look good balanced on the little shelf that usually hold nightlights.  There an arty farty blogging photo ..... just for you  ;-)

Today is a well balanced No Spend Day
... well the mirror is only held up on ONE nail.  I took the jars off VERY carefully two at a time!!

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Day 273 - Films

One of the best things we have done this year is to use our Unlimited cinema passes as often as we possibly can. 

I love the cinema, absolutely love it, even the adverts and trailers, they just make my night, and this from a girl who records all the television programmes that I want to watch if they are on commercial channels so I can whiz through the adverts.

Last Friday we went to see Bridget Jones's Baby, the third in the Bridget Jones films and we loved it.  It helped that the cinema was packed with groups of women and girls all determined to have a good night out.  There were lots of laughs, both incidental and staged, and for anyone that has ever been a female 'singleton' for any length of time lots of familiar scenarios.

For those of you that are interested we gave it a joint 8/10.

Our Unlimited cards although a big outlay at the end of last year ... they were our Christmas presents to ourselves ... have proved to be our one of our best purchases ever, and as you can see from the list of films on the sidebar that we have seen up to now, we have had far more than our money's worth already.  The next film we have booked tickets for is 'The Girl on the Train', as I haven't read the book I have no idea of the twist to the story so I am really looking forward to it.

Today is a No Spend Day

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Day 272 - Still Getting Lots of Tomatoes

After a slow start the tomatoes are coming thick and fast and I can barely keep up with them.  So that we don't end up looking like tomatoes I've been making batches of Roast Tomato Soup for the freezer as well as for lunches.

It's dead simple.

Put tomatoes, chopped onion and garlic into an oven proof dish, drizzle with a little olive oil and roast in a medium oven for 30-40 minutes.  Then tip the roasted veg into a big pan and add some vegetable stock, and if you like your soup a bit thicker like we do, a good handful of lentils, and then let it simmer away for another 30-40 minutes.  After that you can either tip it into a liquidiser or use a stick blender to whizz it all together.

Then I usually pass it all through a sieve to get the bits of skin out, taste and season and then either serve for lunch or tip into a freezer bag or box and freeze for warming Winter lunches.  I made three batches the other day and still when I went over to water the polytunnel that night there were more tomatoes waiting to be picked!!

Today is a No Spend Day

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Day 271 - Voucher Shopping

Money Spent Today - 0
Vouchers/Coupons/Points Spent - £5.00
Money Spent in Total - £321.08
Vouchers/Coupons/Points Spent in Total - £291.75
Money left in Housekeeping Fund - £7.63

No money changed hands in the purchase of this food  :-)

I used one of my £5 M&S vouchers and really expected the bill to be just under £6.  I had looked at the pre-packed broccoli which was all £1.50 for normal and I think, £1.80 for organic, and compared my loose broccoli's weight with them ... just goes to show how much better it can be to buy it loose sometimes ... mine was 31p!!

So my final bill came to £4.80, the guy on the checkout asked if I minded foregoing my 20p change (you don' t get change from the vouchers) and I said no.  Then I could have kicked myself as I walked away and the elderly lady behind me asked for a carrier bag ... if I had thought quicker I could have asked for four carrier bags to use up the 20p and offered her one of them and kept the others for future use for myself.

This is my second shopping trip this month :-)

Monday, 26 September 2016

Day 270 - Courgette Fritters

I've been making good use of the last of the Courgettes from the outside plants before the chilly nights finally kills them off.  As well as grating and chopping them for putting straight into the freezer ready for Winter soups and stews (no need to blanch)  we have been eating them as we pick them.
The other day I whipped up some  Courgette Fritters for our tea to have with some oven roasted tomatoes and lettuce, along with a dollop of yoghurt.  It's really simple to do and you can play around with the ingredients and the amounts to use up whatever veggies you have in the fridge, the basic recipe comes from Sarah Wilson's 'I Quit Sugar' programme.
*** *** ***
Courgette and Haloumi Fritters
2 large courgettes, grated
a handful of fresh coriander, stems and leaves finely chopped
1/2 a cup of frozen peas
100g Haloumi Cheese
4 Spring Onions finely chopped
1/2 cup Plain Flour
1 Egg
salt and pepper
Heat some butter inn a medium frying pan and add the courgette, coriander stems and peas.  Cook for 2-3 minutes then transfer to a large mixing bowl to allow to cool slightly.
Add all the other ingredients and combine well.
Using the same pan melt some coconut oil (or whatever  you prefer to use) and cook tablespoonfuls of the mixture, about four at a time.  Cook on each side until golden brown and drain on kitchen paper, keeping them warm until you have cooked all the mix.
*** *** ***
Today is a No Spend Day

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Day 269 - Almost at the End of the Tomatoes

I spent some time last week snipping off ALL the foliage on the tomato plants in the polytunnel, so that all the remaining fruits would have a chance of ripening in the lovely autumnal sunshine we've been having.  I don't mind using some unripe ones for Green Tomato Chutney but it's nice to have as many red (and yellow) ones as possible to eat now and use in other recipes.
*** *** ***
Green (or Red) Tomato Chutney

1.5kg chopped Tomatoes
750g chopped or sliced Onions
6 Garlic cloves
2 Red Chillies
4cm piece of Ginger, chopped finely
400g Brown Sugar
225mls Red Wine Vinegar
1tsp Paprika
Tip all the ingredients into a jam pan  or similar and bring to a gentle simmer.  Leave simmering away for one to one and a half hours stirring occasionally so nothing  sticks to your pan.
Then bring it to a gentle boil so that the mix turns darker, shinier and thicker.  When you can draw your spoon through the mix and briefly see the bottom of your pan your chutney is thick enough, and then you can begin to ladle it into hot sterilised jars and put the lids on when it has cooled down.
*** *** ***
I'll be sad to see the end of the tomato season but I intend to make good use of each and every one of them in the meantime.
Today is a No Spend Day

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Day 268 - Homegrown Herbs

The kitchen windowsill is looking very lush at the moment.
 I've recently brought all the pots of herbs in from the polytunnel,l as the dramatically fluctuating temperatures between daytime and night time were having a very detrimental effect on them, and anyway it's so much easier to snip a bit of this or a bit of that off when you're cooking and they are there right under your nose.  It also tempts me to add them to things I might not ordinarily add herbs to if they are close at hand. 
The rest of my herbs are outside in the old tin bath near the kitchen door and I'll start to bring a few sprigs of some of them inside soon, to dry over the heat of the Aga so I know I'll have a good selection for Winter use.
The cut herbs that I  entered into the Llanrwst Show were all chopped finely and dried, and then fitted into this one jar on the kitchen shelves ... handy for a sprinkle here and a sprinkle there of intense herby goodness.
Today is a No Spend Day

Friday, 23 September 2016

Day 267 - There ... But Not For Eating

Last week and this we've had another few loads of wood chippings delivered by the guys who work to keep the roads clear of overhanging trees, including some of ours. 
 Every day when I walk the dogs past the heaps in the paddock I notice new batches of mushrooms and toadstools,  there's a new crop almost every day but they are most definitely not for eating.  I just don't have the confidence even with a book in my hand to know for sure if they are edible or poisonous. 

 I don't like any of the fungi family so I would hate to poison my beloved just in an attempt to save some money .... even though his life insurance is up to date  ;-)
Today is a No Spend Day

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Day 266 - Slimmer Pickings

A lot of things on the Veggie Patch and in the poly and net tunnels are coming to an end now, and the cooler nights means that some plants will not be with us for much longer, especially those out on the veggie patch which is pretty exposed on the hillside.
With this in mind some days the pickings are small, but are always worth bringing in and processing for the freezer ... or eating for tea :-)
This is pretty much the last of the outdoor sweetcorn, although in the net tunnel the plants are still full of slowly swelling cobs almost ripe for  the picking.  The chopped beans are a gift from last year, the one plant that didn't get eaten by rabbits seemingly has sprung back to life this year and is now giving us a decent harvest of small runner beans every couple of days.  I much prefer to pick them whilst they are small, they taste lovely with a little dollop of butter or mayo.
Today is a No Spend Day

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Day 265 - Making Cheese

I had a tub of homemade yoghurt that needed using up and no time to think of anything, so I did the easy cop out of making some home made cheese.  This sort of cheese is called Labne and is a mild and creamy soft cheese.
You simply pour your yoghurt into a muslin square and leave it to drip overnight or for up to 24 hours for all the whey to drip through.

As you can see you get lots of lovely whey.

Once you squeeze out the last of the moisture you are left with a lovely creamy Greek yogurt style cheese that is ready for any flavours you wish to add to it.  I simply added some salt and pepper before it went into the fridge, but I can add in some garlic or chives when I come to use it depending on what I want it for.  Seemingly it should last for up to a month,, but it's never made it that long in our house, it gets eaten up on crackers and toast much too quickly.

And of course you are also left with all the whey that has dripped out, which I pour into a large ice cube tray, so that I know each cube is a tablespoonful.  Once frozen the cubes are popped out and kept in a freezer bag to free up my tray for other things 
This whey can be used in all sorts of recipes, Google it for some more inspiration.  I tend to add a tablespoon to homemade mayonnaise as it keeps it fresh for so much longer, and it's also great for adding to homemade bread or scones and savoury biscuits as it makes them lighter and richer tasting.
So much better than throwing away some yoghurt that needed using or losing.
Today is a No Spend Day

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Day 264 - Spending Review

The Last Shop/ 4th September
Money Spent Today - 9p
Vouchers/Coupons/Points Spent - £4.00
Money Spent in Total - £321.08
Vouchers/Coupons/Points Spent in Total - £286.75
Money left in Housekeeping Fund - £7.63
A comment by 'Maryb' left on yesterdays post made me realise that I haven't discussed money for ages ... mainly because nothing has altered.  We still have a paltry £7.63 in the cash pot, there is still £48 worth of M&S vouchers in my purse and the Nectar point total stands at around the £10 mark.
We simply haven't needed to shop, we have been eating fresh every day from the poly and net tunnels supplemented by bits and bobs from the freezer in a vain attempt to make room for more freshly picked and processed crops to go in there.  The milk that was photographed on the 4th September post was put into the freezer for the following weekend and was used then.  We were both down in southern England over this last weekend so no milk was needed at all for home.
It's all back to normal now and I will have to venture to good old M&S and blow a whole voucher to get some milk for this coming weekend so you will have a shopping post in the next couple of days.  I don't know what else we need except milk to warrant spending a voucher ... but I will find something, I'm determined to hold onto the cash!!
16 days of No Spending - a record  :-)

Monday, 19 September 2016

Day 263 - Freezer Tetris

It's that time of year ... with lots of the home grown food now prepped and in the freezer the space has almost run out.
We have two freezers, one is in the kitchen and is the smaller half of the large fridge freezer and the other is the large chest freezer in the conservatory, they are both almost full to capacity.  So at the moment whenever I have something that I just have to squeeze into one or the other of them it's a question of a quick game of freezer 'Tetris', which was once my favourite computer game but it's not so much fun with packs of frozen food in either hand and seemingly no room to put them down.
Today is a No Spend Day

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Day 262 - Bread

I've been trying to get into the habit of making our own bread again. 
It's one less thing to draw me to the shops, when really I don't need to go, if we already have some bread in the house.  Of course it's so bl**dy delicious it gets eaten twice as fast!!
My loaves haven't yet reached the pinnacle of perfection to look at that I used to churn out regularly, but they taste the same and really that's all that matters  :-)
My basic bread recipe, if you're interested, is over on Our New Life in the Country, on the 'Recipe' page.
Today is A No Spend Day


Saturday, 17 September 2016

Day 261 - Beating Mr Birdseye

Our peas haven't done brilliantly this year. 
We've been eating them directly from the pods while we've been out and about on the Veggie Patch and in the tunnels as delicious little snacks with the pods being thrown to the chickens for conversion to eggs, but the only peas that made it into the house before the plants were struck with mildew were these.
I am pleased to say though that in getting them from 'field to freezer' in under 30 minutes I've beaten any promise made by Mr Birdseye (of frozen pea fame) for freshness :-)
Today is a No Spend Day

Friday, 16 September 2016

Day 260 - 2000 Radishes .....

I didn't know what to use my vegetable show cash winnings for at first.   I knew I wanted it to be food related but also I didn't want it to impact on this Challenge.  So when the opportunity came up to fill some gaps in my seed drawer with a selection of seeds at just 50p a packet at the garden centre I  knew this would sit well with me.
So £3 of my £17.50 winnings was invested on cucumbers, radishes and spring onions along with two packets of flower seeds for Nut Wood in Spring.  Not a bad buy, at full price these packets would have cost me £14.82.
So I have, potentially :
2000 radishes
160 Spring Onions
and 10 Cucumber plants
... as well as the Borage and Chamomile.
I've been buying my seeds at this time of year since we started our little journey into self sufficiency.  Most garden centres reduce their packets of seeds to 50p each in August and September to get rid of all the old stock, and always the seeds have a long shelf life.  All my new packets say to use before 2020 .... so there's no rush to get them sown   ;-)
Today is a No Spend Day

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Day 259 - Bumper Crops of Apples

This was just a five minute pick up of windfalls, 5kg of apples waiting to be turned into some apple wine by Lovely Hubby.  We are trying to vary what we make with all these lovely rosy apples, up to now we've made jelly, wine and crumbles, and now that the cooking apples are dropping their trees it will be time to turn to even more crumbles and lots of pies for the freezer.
So many people are getting in touch to say that they too are having bumper crops of apples.  It truly is a good year for British apples, which makes it such a shame that the supermarkets are still full of imported apples  :-(
If you don't have a tree yourself it would make real sense now to search out a farm shop or Farmers Market and source your apples directly from the folk that have grown them, there will be some brilliant bargains to be had this year.
Today is a No Spend Day

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Day 258 - Filling the Cupboards

Just as the contents of the cupboards and freezers had gone down satisfying well, they have suddenly filled up all over again.
My jam, jelly and  marmalade sessions are filling up the home stores cupboard and my recent conversion of lots of the tomatoes, courgettes and other bits and bobs into pasta sauces has filled up the main food cupboard too.
Oh well who needs empty space in the food stores when Winter is coming and the purse supplies are dwindling to never seen before lows.
We are still eating most of our meals directly from the poly and net tunnels, although the only things left out on the Veggie Patch are about a third of the sweetcorn and a couple of sad looking courgette plants ... oh and one very prolific runner bean plant that I actually planted last year which has sprung back to life and is dripping with beans.  I've taken one good harvest from it already which is now residing in the freezer, and there's at least one more equally big one to come.  I do love free, or no work needed food  :-)
Today is a No Spend Day
.... in fact this is Day Ten of not spending.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Day 257 - Wants v Needs - Clothes

I still forget on occasion, after all I am only human (honest) forget to stop and weigh up my wants versus needs.  I am better at it ... so much better ... these days though compared to the old, old me back in the town.
I can browse my way around a shop admiring and pointing things out to whoever I am with and not want to buy them at all.  The few things I have bought, usually when Lovely Hubby says 'go on treat yourself' I sometimes regret when I get home.
How much nicer it is to get home with nothing but my handbag to hang back in the cupboard, nothing to put away or to find a home for.  It's liberating.
And it's with this in mind that I am going to have a last sort out of my clothes, hoping to get one more car boot sale done in the next couple of weeks.  It's almost time to do the Autumn round of Project 333, it starts on 1st October, the Summer round went out of the window for me, with all my t shirts being in the drawer and accessible, and no I didn't find it easier having them all there, I found it a bit stressful and A LOT annoying.
I don't need lots of clothes and I don't want lots of clothes and over the last few years I have whittled them down nicely, this year of living without any new clothes has brought this home to us both. Yes, there are things we know we will have to purchase as soon as the year is over, but actually not that many.  It's been good to put a brake on the spending in this way.
Today is a No Spend Day

Monday, 12 September 2016

Day 256 - Apples, Apples, Apples

What we've got lots of at the moment around these parts are apples, they are dropping off the trees faster than we can pick them.  As the majority of our apples trees are extremely old ones they are tall ... and of course being on a hillside makes them even taller compared to little old us, so most of the apples are way out of the reach of our apple picker stick thingy. 
 So we have picked most of the ones within reach and we just have to wait for the ones on the higher branches to fall off ... praying that they don't fall on our heads as we pass by .... there have been a few near misses up to now and a few startled dogs as apples rain down and roll down the hillside, seemingly to them an attack from the heavens  :-)
Today is a No Spend Day

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Day 255 - Blackberry Whisky

Three ingredients, no measuring, simple to do .... and so tasty.

I picked this recipe up from John Wright of River Cottage fame from one of his foraging Dvds.  As I had all the ingredients in stock I thought I would give it a go.  

We always have a good supply of whisky, everyone that wants to thank Lovely Hubby for something seems to buy him a bottle of whisky.  The last one was for helping change a spare tyre on our driveway for a couple of visitors to the area, they nipped straight to the shops in Llanrwst and came back with a large bottle of whisky.  We never have the heart to say neither of us likes the stuff, they hear his Scottish accent and assume ... they assume wrong he is a Port man through and through.

Anyway, fill your chosen jar or bottle with blackberries ...

... top up with sugar ....

... and then fill to the top with whisky.

Give your jar a good shake each day until all the sugar is dissolved and keep in a cool, dark place.  And here comes the hardest part ..... you shouldn't strain and drink it for at least two months!!

When it is time to strain it, put the blackberries into a nice clean jar and keep them in the fridge, they will last for quite a while having been preserved in the alcohol and are lovely on ice cream or stirred into an Eton Mess type dessert ..... or just eaten whenever you pass the fridge, and of course you put the whisky into a clean bottle too, and if like us you don't like whisky fear not .... it tastes so fruity it is very drinkable  ;-)

Today is a No Spend Day

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Day 254 - Limp Rhubarb

I did my usual trick yesterday and left some picked vegetables, in this instance a couple of sticks of rhubarb outside overnight .... it's a bad habit, my memory is bloody useless some days :-(

Anyway half an hour in a bowl of icy cold water and it was back to it's perky self.  This lovely waste saving trick work for all sorts of vegetables.  Celery, radishes, spring onions and carrots spring to mind ..... now you know what I've left abandoned over the last few days  :-)

Today is a No Spend Day

Friday, 9 September 2016

Day 253 - Lovely Tomato Soup

The tomato plants are literally ripening as fast as I can use the lovely little fruits now.  I have lots of jars of homemade tomato sauces already in the store cupboard so this time I thought I would make some tomato soup as I was wondering what to have for lunch.

I simply chopped up the larger tomatoes, added a couple of chopped red onions, a few garlic cloves and went and snipped some Rosemary and Sage from the old tin bath of herbs outside the back door.

Everything was drizzled with olive oil and popped into the bottom oven of the Aga for a couple of hours, stirring once every twenty or so minutes, an amazing amount of liquid came out of the tomatoes!

Once everything was super, super soft I pulled out the herbs and whizzed the vegetables with my stick blender, nothing else was added and the resulting tomato soup is absolutely delicious, and very rich.

Today is a No Spend Day 
... and it's more tomato soup for lunch :-)

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Day 252 - Homegrown Sweetcorn

Yesterday I blanched the first few of the sweetcorn  cobs.  They look slightly different because I made the mistake of planting two different types of sweetcorn plants in the same bed and they have cross-pollinated .... oops !!

I open froze them so they wouldn't stick together ....

... and then bagged and labelled them before returning them to the freezer.  

There are lots more to pick but I am letting them get a bit bigger than these.  I didn't even used to like sweetcorn, but homegrown has changed my mind, as it has with quite a few things, they are so much sweeter and tastier than the shop bought cobs.  If you are buying it from the shops opt for frozen kernels for maximum freshness, taste and value, although tinned are a good store cupboard standby.

Today is a No Spend Day

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Day 251 - Decluttering

A few weeks ago I bought this set of document drawers off  blogging buddy Elaine from her Etsy page.  A pretty unique item that I fell in love with when she put them on her Facebook page with the question 'should I paint these or leave them as they are to sell', I replied immediately 'leave them as they are and sell them to me'.  I simply fell in love with them and bought them there and then.

It's rare this happens now, and I tend to find that when I buy something it is with a definite use in mind.  So much of our excess 'stuff' has gone and de-cluttering our lives is an ongoing journey that I enjoy, although I have to admit to not going through things as much just recently, and being so rushed off my feet that even reading my way through the books to see if I can get rid of some has slowed right down at the moment.

This year of  'without' has not really touched on de-cluttering at all but with the last nice car boot sales of the year in our area coming up I am wondering if a week long blitz around the house might be a good idea.

There's something about all this squirreling away of our daily harvests that is driving me mad.  So much food, which in reality of course is not that excessive when I think that it has to last us until this time next year, but it just seems so much .... and all at once.

Today is a No Spend Day

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Day 250 - Upping the Yumminess

It doesn't take much to make a basic bog standard cheese and tomato pizza tastes completely fresh and homemade.  Adding some onion, tomatoes and green and red pepper slices to these two pizzas from the freezer made for a lovely quick tea for me and Simon last week after we had been to Manchester for the day.

A full cooked lunch while we were out with Mum meant that we weren't that hungry when we got home, but these filled any gaps we did have very nicely ... with some peaches and icecream for Simon later on.

I wondered as I lifted these out of the freezer when I had put them in there, I distinctly remembered blogging about them when I got them,  so I have just looked back on my other blog to see when it was and it was 2nd June when I posted about my bargain 'party pizza' buy from Asda.  

See HERE to read the post.

As you might have guessed from the date of the pizza purchase I was getting near the bottom of the freezer, and it was quite nice to be able to see the bottom, but with all the processing and open freezing that I have been doing over the last few days we are once again nearing the top of the large chest freezer.

Oh well we most certainly will not starve this Winter  :-)

Today is a No Spend Day

Monday, 5 September 2016

Day 249 - Prepping for Winter

At the moment it's all harvest, harvest, harvest, a time of year I really hate.  Those of you who know me, either in person or through reading my other blog for years will know that I hate excess ... with a vengeance.  But at this time of year I have to grit my teeth, have a little paddy every now and then, and just get on with it.

I have four trays for open freezing in the freezer and at the moment they are permanently full.

  At the moment it is with the chopped up pieces of this courgette/marrow.  Yesterday it was blueberries from the net tunnel and the day before that another courgette/marrow.  And those of you who read both blogs will have seen the trays in action freezing these plums just a small part of our mammoth plum harvest this week.

The first lot of courgettes are now bagged up and back in the freezer.  And yes I dithered when I came to write out the bag courgette/marrow/courgette/marrow ..... as you can see courgette won in the end ;-)

Today is a No Spend Day

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Day 248 - Shopping Ooops

Money Spent Today - 9p
Vouchers/Coupons/Points Spent - £4.00
Money Spent in Total - £321.08
Vouchers/Coupons/Points Spent in Total - £286.75
Money left in Housekeeping Fund - £7.63

Usually it's the receipts I forget, this time it was photographing the food!!

I came in from shopping the other day put the milk in the fridge, the bread straight into the freezer and left the receipt on the shelf in the kitchen .... I spotted it lying there this this morning.

So I have dug the bread back out of the freezer and got the half used milk out of the fridge .... oh well at least it's all here for the record  :-)

We just needed some milk and as I was passing M&S I thought I may as well make use of one of the vouchers.  I think using one a week will be a good idea as they are all for either £5 or £4 so buying milk plus a top up of something we need will make them last for another ten weeks which will take us up to the second week of November, which hopefully will be when I should be close to another delivery of vouchers, and if I can just top up the voucher shop with a few pence it will stretch the cash right until the end of the year.  

It would be a real achievement to actually NOT run out of cash  :-)

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Day 247 - New Month - New Beginnings

The first post after doing the last months round up always feels like a fresh start and this month it coincided with the arrival of October's Grow Your Own magazine and it's free packet of Cauliflower seeds .... just ONE packet of seeds, that's a bit of a let down after all the packs that normally come with each edition.  I need to read my magazines a bit faster too ... I have yet to start on September's edition!!

I am keeping tabs on what freebies I get with each copy by taking the photos for this blog and keeping them in their own folder on the computer.  It will be good for reference at the end of the year so I can see the value of my magazine subscription.  Although I don't think I'll renew it for next year, I now have lots of seeds, more than enough, and I can just re-read all this years magazines at the start of each month.

It was also a coincidence that I had just cut off a couple of cauliflowers from the net tunnel.  I have trimmed, blanched, cooled and open frozen them and now they are residing in the freezer in a zip lock bag.  They will give us a couple of meals, Lovely Hubby has already ordered a Cauliflower Cheese for next weekend,  and the good news is that there are more still to come.

Today is a No Spend Day