Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Day 244 - The M& S Vouchers

Someone asked me the other day, and I don't think I answered, how many coupons or vouchers I had left.  Well this is my stash as of today.

They are all M&S vouchers now and this will be it until November, as I think that is the last delivery of vouchers from Tesco and M&S for the year.   I am going to try and just use one of these whenever we need milk, as with only £7.79 left in the cash kitty and not a lot of Nectar points I am going to have to shop extremely carefully from now on if I want to make the cash last for as long as possible.

Today is the last day of the month so I will do a review of August tomorrow, but I know from my diary it has been a pretty low spend month ... thank goodness!!

Today is a No Spend Day

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