Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Day 243 - Dried Herbs

My prize winning herbs from the Llanrwst show are now dried and sat on the shelf in a jar,.  After a week of decorating the kitchen windowsill and adding a delicious aroma to the kitchen I thought it was about time I did something with them.  

There they are on the table at the show.

 I decided to chop them finely with the aid of the chopping blade of my Nutribullet to keep things simple, and then popped them into the warm oven of the Aga for a couple of hours to dry out.  Once cooled they were put into a jar and labelled .... and boy do they smell good.

A sprinkle of herbs brings so much to life, even something as simple as a pizza, whether homemade or shop bought is a totally different thing with a smatter of herbs amongst the other toppings.  These herbs have an intense taste, so only a little pinch is needed to have maxuimum effect.

In a few weeks I will be harvesting more of my fresh herbs to do exactly the same with, it's nice to have a good stash of herbs to see you through the Winter,  although for the last few years all my Rosemary plants have very successfully overwintered in their pots and the tin bath outside.

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. I might try drying some , not sure how it would work in a fan oven,and whether it would be worth all the electric.

  2. You can dry them onkitchen towel on a wire rack in the airing cupboard if you have one - or on a surface next to a very sunny window.

  3. Have you ever tried freezing the chopped herbs instead of drying? I have only done this with chopped parsley and found I can used it from frozen whenever I wanted to add some to a salad or any other dish.
    Elizabeth in Cape Town

    1. I have and might do a few this way, in ice cube trays with some oil. But I tend to forget all about them once they are out of sight in the freezer, so I need to get the kitchen freezer better organised I think. It's full of bitty bits at the moment, so it needs a good sort out.

      I have found that Basil freezes just as it is and stays very good. It's nice to know when a plant is at the end of its days and you can literally just pick it clean and pop the leaves in a tub in the freezer and not waste any.


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