Sunday, 28 August 2016

Day 241 - Potatoes With Every Meal

Usually when I'm making a meal we debate whether to have potatoes, pasta or rice, we both love rice ... but at the moment to make good use of the potatoes that I dug up recently it's been pretty much potatoes with every meal.

More specifically we are eating up all the weirder, slightly damaged ones or the ones with little green areas (that I cut off obviously).  This means that I can safely store all the more perfect ones in the cupboard under the stairs where it is relatively cool and always dark.

The more potatoes we eat now, the more rice and pasta we will have left when the potatoes eventually run out.  And we are trying our best to eat seasonally and mostly our own produce at the moment and saving all the jars, tins and packets of things and things still lurking in the freezer for when our own homegrown things diminish, although hopefully if I have got things right, we should never entirely run out  :-)

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. what varieties do you grow? I don't grow maincrop but I grow Charlottes every year and they are just so nomnomnom.

    1. This years potatoes were all ' Estima', apart from one little tub of 'Gwenne' new potatoes.

  2. Love the odd shapes. We grow Charlotte's too and are still eating them after digging them all up in June due to blight. They are such a delicious spud.

  3. We had a great crop of 'free' potatoes this year. I forgot about a bag of 'Charlotte' which were bought from Waitrose and left in the shed. When I eventually found them they weren't fit to eat, but they'd started chitting, so we planted them, not expecting much to happen, but they went beserk....the best crop of 'Charlotte' that we've ever had!


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