Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Day 230 - A Daily Harvest

The reason I'm not shopping very much at the moment, I've only shopped once up to now this month and it's already the 17th, was brought home to me yesterday morning.  

I tend to do all my chores early in the morning while it's still nice and cool, things like cleaning out the henhouse, a bit of daily weeding so I can add the weeds to the compost bin along with the chicken house waste, watering anything that's looking thirsty etc.  

Then I go round the Veggie Patch and the tunnels and pick anything that looks like it should be picked.  If you regularly pick from your beans, peas, courgette and tomato plants it encourages the plant to produce more and that's what we really need.  I don't do a big pick just enough to use that day and the next and occasionally some excess to freeze but it soon adds up.  This photo is of yesterday's early pickings and includes the three eggs that were already in the henhouse by 9am.

The blueberries were open frozen and have now been added to the huge tub we have in the freezer, the plants have been very prolific this year, they obviously love it in the net tunnel.  The tomatoes are in a little dish by the kettle and get snacked on during the day, any left at teatime get added to my meal, along with other things that I have harvested over the course of the day.

So it explains to me why I've not needed to shop much, and it's really helping documenting all this on this blog, so we can plan the extras that will always need purchasing, things like rice, pasta and flour which along with the harvests make up the rest of our meals.

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. Will you buy your rice pasta etc in bulk? Is it any cheaper for the staples that you will use regularly?

  2. It great when you can just walk outside and get the contents for a meal. Fresh, cheap and local.

  3. Rewards for all the hard work. Well done.

    Joan (Wales)


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