Thursday, 11 August 2016

Day 224 - Yay ... More Coupons

Yay .... the M&S coupons came, a lovely £22 worth.  

This will be the last lot until November of this year and thankfully we've got a decent amount, helped this time by purchasing the guttering, downpipes, roof stuff and paint for the house repairs and renovations all on the M&S card.  And of course paying it off at the end of the month from the money we had saved in the bank for doing this major house work, M&S get NO interest money from me and I have the end of year statements to prove it!!

We always negotiate us paying for any supplies for building or major works that we have done separately from the labour charges, as unlike lots of the smaller companies we use for jobs on our property we are VAT registered and can claim the VAT back through our company, saving us a whopping 20% on all jobs done.  We do have to pay a big VAT bill sometimes though so it's swings and roundabouts!!

I always make use of these coupons too, even spending small amounts on food getting triple points helps towards the next quarters coupons.

I've not used any of these this year though, as there have been no clothes or home things bought.

Now I need to do a proper 'stocktake' of the coupons, vouchers, cash and points I have available and work out how best to use them.

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. I am very disappointed that reading the info with my new Morrisons reward card, I need to spend £5000 there to get a reward. That will never happen!

    1. Gosh that means a spend of almost £100 a week for a year!! You do have to read the rules and conditions on these rewards schemes very carefully don't you, I think once we've paid for all non-foody items with our cards (and I think we are nearly there now), and get down to just living 'normally' our reward vouchers and coupon amount will just plummet

  2. Surely not £5000. You get 5 points for every pound in store. 5000 divided by 5 = £ 1000 spend needed to get £5. Or am I wrong???

    1. We only get petrol from them now as we don't shop there regularly. Just checked on website it us £1000 to get £5 very poor return on your money.

  3. Re the Morrison's card, they do award extra points here and there and I get emails to click on and accept, say, 250 points for each £10 spent on next shop. I recently had a £5 voucher at the till and had spent nowhere near £1000.
    Looking forward to your voucher review, Sue, this challenge is exciting!


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