Friday, 5 August 2016

Day 218 - What a Whopper

Growing our own food is going to be the only thing that gives this Challenge a hope in hell of succeeding.  The poly and net tunnels are full of edibles at the moment, and with little notice I can easily rustle up a salad, a pan of soup or a good veggie stew.

We both nibble while we are working outside and a carrot pulled up and washed in the water trough makes for a thirst quenching and tummy filling little snack when it's nearing lunchtime and there's still things to do.

I was weeding the potato bed the other day and had no intention of digging any up, but just near the surface was this beauty.  I could tell it was large but as I carefully brushed away the soil I realised just how large it really was .... it just had to come indoors with me.

One potato = one meal

... well with an accompaniment of some homegrown carrots and a fishcake each.  It was served simply, just washed chopped and lightly boiled, tossed in butter and sprinkled with some finely chopped chives from the old tin bath herb garden.

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. Your story reminded me of a rather legendary potato from my childhood. We children called it the Seal Potato because it was shaped like a seal (in our minds at least). It came from our vegetable patch and, family legend has it, served our family of 5 with mash for dinner one evening!


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