Thursday, 4 August 2016

Day 217 - The Last of the Strawberries

The last of the homegrown strawberries :-(

I've been nurturing these last five berries for a few days now, tucked deep into the tub of plants so the birds wouldn't see them ... so I had to do them justice, 

They made a lovely breakfast this morning with some plain yoghurt, some chopped walnuts and a good drizzle of local honey.  Doesn't five berries look a lot more when you cut them into quarters :-)

The good news is that the plants have gone absolutely wild sending out lots of runners, which of course I'm potting up as fast as I see them, so that's our next years young plants taken care of.  Once you've got your own strawberry plants bringing on the next generation year after year is one of the real perks.

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. That is the beauty of not only growing your own but also eating them in season rather than being too tempted to buy them, especially out of our season when they usually taste of cardboard.

  2. My strawberries didn't do so well this year, so I had most of them straight from the plant and told Pete that the birds had them, I certainly wasn't going to share! Xxx

  3. Hi Sue, can you explain how to pot the runners please? Thank you


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