Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Day 216 - Using Up the Food in the Freezer

Using up the food in the freezer sometimes brings unexpected delights, but last nights lazy tea of two Cheese and Onion Pasties was not one of them!!

After a mammoth weeding session in the net and polytunnels, and yet another triffid tomato plant snipping marathon I was just not in the mood for cooking.  Even assembling a salad was beyond me, so I rummaged around at the bottom of the chest freezer and pulled out these.

Twenty five minutes in the oven of the Aga for them while I cleaned myself up, and tea was cooked.   I collapsed in a heap with a cup of coffee in front of the television and slowly ate my pasties.  Not bad quite tasty in fact, but after eating mostly homemade, made from scratch meals these were very unsatisfying.

Half an hour later and I just felt podged ... oh well they're gone now and won't be replaced.  Homemade pasties are so much tastier with their higher ratio of filling to pastry.

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. I've got some of those lurking in the depths too! Even better if they're thawed first and cook in 2 mins in the microwave - even if a bit soggy! I'm on a mission to clear our freezer so our eating is sometimes a mix up!

  2. I'm running down one of my freezers as The Teenager is off to uni in a few weeks and I don't think I'll need 2 freezers just for myself. Or maybe I will, I'm willing to find out :-) But it does make for interesting meals!!

  3. Like the above I'm living out of the freezer and garden as much as possible over the next two months. I've been guilty of making and buying things and stuffing them in the freezer. I am going to need that space for bits out of the garden. Its certainly gets the imagination going how to put various things together.

  4. Re-organised the freezer last night as I'd done a bit of shopping over the past week and had also cooked a number of things so wanted to take inventory. I won't need to buy any proteins aside from some eggs & cheese for at least 3 weeks - it's terrible how quickly I forget what's in there! It's been so hot here (37C but feels like 42C and HUMID) that I'm relieved that I won't have to do any major cooking for the next few weeks. Like you, I was so hot and tired by the time I got home (the A/C had died on my subway train) that supper ended up being some warmed up bits and pieces that were left over from the past few days - it was then followed by a very cold glass of wine!


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