Saturday, 30 July 2016

Day 212 - Mixed Bowls

This is pretty much my favourite sort of tea at the moment.

A mixed bowl of all sorts of bits and bobs, which usually in my case means leftovers from other nights meals.  For this one the only thing I cooked fresh was the turmeric rice with peas.  The rice salad, protein salad and tomatoes were just picked from the fridge.

They make for easy eating in front of the television after a long tough day, when I'm usually watching foodie programmes, and are nourishing and oh so tasty.  And I don't feel as guilty watching someone cook up a masterpiece if I'm eating something like this rather than chomping on a slice of pizza  ;-)

Today is a No Spend Day
 ... but there is a shocking confession coming tomorrow!!


  1. Oh you tease! I love those sorts of bits and pieces meals.

  2. Lovely! And Buddha bowls are very trendy atm ;-)

  3. That meal looks so good. Cheryl

  4. Shocking confession!!!!! I'm in suspenders waiting to find out what you have done!


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