Friday, 29 July 2016

Day 211 - Magazines

Wow ... where is this year going to, my September edition of Kitchen Garden magazine arrived yesterday along with three packets of seeds.  This time there was one pack of lettuce seeds and two packs of flower seeds.  I think I am going to sow these in the new flower bed that Lovely Hubby is thinking of building alongside the trees in front of the polytunnel.  They would look amazing there next year.

Along with not buying any books this year I am also not buying magazines.  The ones that pop through the letterbox are all from existing subscriptions that were paid for early last year.  So I do keep my eyes open for freebies to read when I'm out and about and the other day although I got no shopping from there I picked up a copy of the latest Tesco magazine, anything to keep me distracted from not buying books  ;-)

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. You have much better willpower than me - I can make food & toiletries stretch, and I could easily rotate my clothes for another year without buying anything but I cannot resist new books.
    Now, in my defence I will say that I have really cut back this year on books and the only magazine that I buy now is "Victoria" and it only publishes every other month (see, I can justify anything) so for me this is a real improvement - every Friday the little reminder pops up on my computer asking me if I want to order anything off my wish list at Amazon and so far this year I have resisted! Enjoy your freebie.

    1. Oooh ... I used to love the 'Victoria' magazine. It's the one with the lovely house pictures and pretty, pretty interiors isn't it. I used to get it 'secondhand' from a friend who had a really pretty girly antique shop, she bought it on subscription for inspiration for her shop.

    2. That's correct - I just love it. It stopped publishing for a bit but came back a couple of years ago and I was overjoyed! As I mentioned it only publishes every other month, and since I own every single issue - I just can't give it up.
      I love that it features female entrepreneurs and artists and writers, and yes, the photography is amazing!

  2. Essex library service have a scheme where if you are a member of the library you can check out digital magazines for free (and keep them on your computer) I get Kitchen Garden this way (without the free seeds obviously) but a whole host of other magazines such as House Beautiful, Woman's Own, BBC History, Homes and Antiques and there are lots of others all free. I don't know if your library offers the same service, but it probably does xxx


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