Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Day 209 - Sent on an Errand

Lovely Hubby came home from a week working away last weekend and handed me a Sainsburys voucher.  It was a strange one 'spend £12 on non-food items and get a voucher for 7p off each litre of fuel'.  He couldn't think of £12 of non-food items he would need now that his digs down in southern England are just a rented room in a house.

As he was leaving to go back for another week away on Sunday he said "you could get me some washing liquid capsules in a Lavender scent"  (he does a clothes wash each week down there but his bedding is washed as part of his rent money) so that was one thing we needed.

I hadn't been to Sainsburys for ages so I thought a ride out would make a nice change.  Luckily just before I left I discovered we needed paper for the printer, so that was added to my very short shopping list.  When I got there I really fell lucky, they were selling off the grass seed for just £2 a box, and as I had used up all of ours without remembering to save some to fill in where the molehills had been, we really needed some more.

So I got him his voucher and the till spewed out another handful of coupons ... including one for £7.50 off a £50 shop .... which I couldn't possibly make use of ....

... could I ?

Today is a No Spend Day
... I'll post about my shopping tomorrow when I have more time ... so tomorrow won't be  ;-)

None of the items shown at the top of this post come under the remit of this Challenge.


  1. I adore lavender but my sensitive soul of a hubby has to have no scent ultra sensitive washing liquid so as I wash our clothes together so do I. Well done on the challenge. I have been taking a leaf out of your book and eating everything from our cupboards and freezer this week to save money.

  2. Great bargains and good use of the coupon.


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