Monday, 25 July 2016

Day 207 - Spatula

My most used and most useful kitchen implement is my spatula.

I bought it quite a few years ago now and although it's been in almost daily use it still looks as good as new.  I use it when making scrambled eggs to get every last bit of egg into the pan and then out of the pan onto my plate, I use it when I'm baking for getting every last bit out of the bowl so sadly there are no more luscious cake mix bowls to lick out although I do get a little bit if I lick the spatula before putting it into the sink ;-)

I remember thinking this was quite expensive when I originally bought it but I can honestly say it's one item that paid for itself within days.  I wouldn't be without it, and of course mine is in my favourite shade of green

And no this is not an advertising post, it's simply me singing the praises of one of my most used kitchen utensils because my mind has gone blank and I can't think of anything else to write about.

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow ..... probably  ;-)

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. In the immortal words of Kermit the Frog, "It's not easy being green." Have a good week!

  2. My hubby hates the bendy spatulas........It means less left overs for him.

  3. Yes! Spatula lovers unite! I even posted a photo of my beloved red bendy spatula as "most useful implement" in my Live Below the Line round up.


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