Saturday, 23 July 2016

Day 205 - Bargains and Leftovers

The other day I had a meal of bargains and leftovers.  The plan was to have leftovers from this meal too ... which would form the basis of the next nights tea.

The bargain salmon fillets and the leftover mash that had been in the freezer, along with a thawed out portion of Kale Pesto was absolutely delicious.

So much so ... there were no planned leftovers for the next day!!

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. Good for you ! You incited me to look up the translation of "kale" in French (chou frisé, which means curly cabbage). I'd always thought it was some exotic veg .. Still it's not that common here, I wonder why.

    1. It's so easy to grow all year round, and very good for you along with being extremely delicious and versatile. I have it usually in pesto, cooked with pasta or whizzed up in a healthy drink.

  2. You were obviously intending to produce "orts" which, I learned from another blogger, is an Old English word for leftovers.
    Think I will adopt the expression.
    This blogger said they ate so many meals made from orts that her children forgot what the original meal had been!
    I find I am more creative when using up leftovers. The problem is that if something is especially good it would be almost impossible to produce again especially if the orts have been made from the previous day's orts!
    I am really enjoying this blog. It is challenging me to think really hard about buying anything. I do find it difficult when we have friends to stay though. Hope you are now beginning to harvest loads of produce. Sue

  3. Kale pesto sounds interesting as I have tons of the stuff. I'll be looking for all recipes kale!


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