Friday, 22 July 2016

Day 204 - A Simple Breakfast of Old Jam

I posted about 'my current breakfast of choice' the other day, but every now and then I go really simple and just use up whatever I find in the bread bin after the weekend, and have some homemade jam on toasted, bread, buns, whatever.

Looking at this jar of Bramble Jam I see it's one of the oldest from the storecupboard, made in 2010 way back when we lived at Jointers Farm and the bushes were ladened down with blackberries after a really good season.

We had fields and fields of hedgerows to choose from in those days as our little 10 acre farm was in the middle of a much bigger 600 acre one.  We would walk the dogs (and Archie the cat) and always take a plastic bag or two with us in our pockets on the off chance of coming across yet another  bountiful supply.  Returning home with blackberries or damsons, and the elderflower season saw us picking the flowers to make elderflower cordial.  It was all good practice for the future, and my excessive practice jam making sessions then are providing us with goodies to this day.

Very useful in this year of minimal spending.

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. I have to admit I have never made jam! 😕

  2. I love home-made jam, but have gotten to lazy to make any.

  3. Jam is simple and delicious. It can be very economical if you get your fruit cheap.

  4. Looks lovely. How long can you keep home-made jam ?

  5. I made 11 jars of marmalade yesterday, will keep me going for a while!


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