Thursday, 21 July 2016

Day 203 - M&S Will Be Missing Me

Marks and Spencer must be missing me this year, although I've wandered in on a few occasions and call in sometimes to spend my vouchers in the food department I have not bought a single item of clothing from our little Llandudno branch (or any other for that matter).

Even the sales, of which there are many throughout the year, have held no power of persuasion over me.  True I have browsed the rails but each time there has not been any temptation to actually make a purchase.

I'm not doing my bit for the economy I'm afraid  ;-)

I have lots of clothes in my wardrobe and although I half-heartedly sorted out for P333 I did not stick to it this time.  The weather has been too changeable of late, and things I had sorted out were put back and others brought in until I couldn't be bothered to keep a count any more.  I do find though that I wear the same things over and over so it's something I will stick to in principle even if I do do it a bit haphazardly at times.

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. Sales are my downfall so I just try to stay away as much as I can. I usually buy then regret! Just last week I purchased 3 pairs of Clark's shoes - in 3 different colours (half price). However after wearing flip flops for most of the year I found "proper" shoes too uncomfortable so they all got returned and refunded. I didn't need them at all - they were a deadly impulse buy. (Clark's Freckle Ice shoes though we're lovely!)

  2. Having just wandered through my local M&S, I can understand why they have so much left in the sale. Very few things were flattering to most women, and the fabrics & colours leave a lot to be desired!

  3. As you, I wear the same things day in and day out, consequently I have quite a few decent things I can turn to if need be. Haven't bought anything from M&S for a few years, although I used to like some of their things. Don't know what they're like now.

    Joan (Wales)

  4. Yes, M&S clothes leave much to be desired. We often wonder why they don't just stick to food, as they do it so well and give up on the clothes, which always do disastrously.

  5. I am 17+ miles from any town that has large shops like M & S so I always have a look. But I don't often buy these days.

  6. Absolutely nothing in the sale has tempted me either. The patterned fabrics are much too drab lately.

  7. Love your blog. I have been also trying to do no spend days. I find that I really like the challenge that it gives me. But as you say I am not helping the economy but then they are not helping me by costing so much also.


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