Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Day 202 - What's Left in the Kitty

After doing the shopping post the other day and noting that we now have only £52.76 left in cash in our housekeeping kitty I thought I would check to see what else we have left.   It's about time I had a bit of a comparison check to assess how we are doing.

So in cash there is the £52.76 you can see above. (We started the year with £328.71.)

In vouchers and coupons we have a grand total of £33.50. (Started with £103.00, and more arrived in February and May.)

In Nectar points we have an impressive £83.66.  (Started with £72.47.)

But seeing as we started the year with £72.47, and my Lovely Hubby has refueled the truck there most weeks, plus buying the makings of some of his evening meals when he is working down in southern England it shows how slowly a total grows.  It makes me wonder if the supermarkets aren't conning us big style, getting all our shopping and marketing information from the cards and rewarding us with a paltry amount in return.  We are helping them much more than they are helping us .... but then I think we all know that don't we!!

So all in all we have a grand total of £169.92 available to spend ... less than one weeks shopping money for some folk if you watch 'Eat Well for Less' which is back on BBC1 on Wednesday nights, but plenty for us, giving us an average available weekly spend of £7.39.

And the good news is, that next month some more Tesco and M&S vouchers are due to arrive to boost the kitty a little bit and improve the average weekly spend available.

Today is a No Spend Day - Phew!!


  1. I have found out that I can watch the BBC for free on my computer so I'll be having a look at that "Eat well for less" though it sounds like I couldn't copy their meal plans !!

    1. The program looks at families that spend rediculous amounts of money on food. Last weeks the family of 4 spent £15000 a year. CRAZY.

  2. It's all very impressive and such a good lesson to us all that it IS doable. Well done you :)

  3. Your poly tunnel will be coming to fruition very soon so hour money will go even further. I will be having a couple of low spend months because the garden will be supplying more. It all helps and it's lovely fresh food.

  4. Love that programme real eye opener but though i personally think when they say the average spend for a family of 4 is like £75?? p/wk that must just be food & 'normal' food at that. By that I mean our food budget seems to be high because dairy intolerance in part of the family means dairy free milks spread cheese ice cream etc. The dairy free items are more expensive than normal milk cheese butter etc so it bumps the price up. I think that the average price is just on food too doesn't inc nappies toiletries etc our household budget incs everything so our weekly spend is always above the average no matter how much we try to get it down.

    Recently bought the eat well for less book though its a good!

  5. Love it when the people are 'convinced' they know there coffee brand or brown sauce brand or wine brand etc but when it comes to it they usually don't. Just shows how we can all get in a rut of buying 'what we know/brands' with our eyes instead of testing cheaper brands etc for the taste. Put everything in bland packaging we probably wouldn't have a clue haha.

    We always buy shops value brand brown sauce, herbs, spices etc to keep the cost down because there usually the same ingrediants when you read the back and there cheaper :)

  6. If you don't already go on sainsburys my coupons you can add five vouchers a week to your basket for bonus points. There is usually extra points if you spend so much or double ot triple points which still go on with fuel. Hope this helps. Xx

  7. You are doing great. I'm really enjoying learning from you.

  8. Love following along on your adventures this year. We have a monthly budget of $500 (so, maybe 378 pounds), and that feeds two adults & two rapidly growing boys (9 & 10). The boys are attending soccer camp this week (7 hours/day) & have come home ravenous, eating anything not nailed down in the house. It's been hilarious to see their intake pretty much double. I've been filling them with lots of filling choices, plus they get to have a treat in their lunches, which they are greatly enjoying. ;-)


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