Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Day 201 - Current Breakfast of Choice.

This is my current breakfast of choice and will be most days while the Strawberries are in season, after all you have to make the most of delicious homegrown goodies.

A handful of fresh strawberries, covered liberally with yoghurt and then sprinkled with chopped pistachios and drizzled with locally produced honey.

Eating local honey has worked wonders for my hayfever, and this last two years I have had the least trouble with it that I have ever had.  Yes, I still use a nasal spray once a day, but eating honey produced in the area that you live is said to help your body become accustomed to the pollen there ...... it's worked for me.  I used to be a dry and itchy eyed, nose dripping wreck by the end of each day even with using a spray and taking a tablet, now unless I slip up and walk the dogs through some really badly overgrown areas I seem to have found a level ground with my symptoms.

Have you ever tried this?


  1. Hallo Sue, I can't say that I've ever had honey, don't know why. Hay fever is one thing I don't suffer from, thank goodness as I know it can get really bad. It's good to know that there is a natural remedy for it, isn't it? Better than pills and potions.

    Joan (Wales)

  2. I have had honey before - just for the taste though not for medicinal purposes. I have a similar breakfast every day - 3 tbsp strawberries (ours or shop bought) plus 170g Greek yoghurt. I actually look forward to it and it's low carb.

  3. Someone once told me drinking raw milk kept his seasonal allergies at bay. I've no idea if this works, or why, but I thought I'd pass it along in case you have a local source of raw milk. "Can't hurt, might help", right?

    1. Definitely won't help me as I can't drink milk at all, so that would be a big no-no for me. As I said I am the best I have ever been with my hayfever now so things are looking good :-)

  4. Our DDiL suffers dreadfully from allergies, pollen being her biggest problem.
    Our DS started her off on local honey when they first met at University, and it worked wonders for her!
    She's really lucky now as a neighbour of theirs, 11 doors away, keeps bees and provides her with honey....can't get much more local than that!
    She has a baby due in 17 days, so she can do without allergies at the moment, she's having enough trouble with the sudden heatwave!

  5. That is interesting re the honey. My hubby gets terrible hay fever, but it has been a lot better for the last couple of years. Coincidently, he has a slice of toast with local honey for breakfast most days. There may just be something in I what you suggest.

  6. That's good to know as I live in a hot climate where things are always pollinating...have a nice night!

  7. That's interesting about the honey, I have terrible allergies. May try some local honey.


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