Thursday, 14 July 2016

Day 196 - Freezing Mashed Potatoes

A few of you expressed concern the other day over freezing mashed potatoes and saying that they came out of the freezer tasting 'watery', so I thought a quick post on how I do it might be useful for anyone trying it for the first time, or anyone wanting to perfect theirs.

I bring the spuds to the boil and then simmer them gently,  I do the simmering part of the cooking in the bottom oven of the Aga but having the lidded pan on a low heat on the hob is just the same.  I make sure they neatly chopped into largish chunks, you really don't want small chunks of potato, yes they might cook quicker but there is too much water to potato ratio.  

Once they are pretty soft drain them, being careful to get all the water out.  Then leave the pan with the lid off on the top of the cooker so that all the steam can escape.  This is the important bit!!

Once the steam has gone then I go in with the potato masher, making sure to get all the lumps out, if they are nice and soft this is so easy.  You could also use a potato ricer here to get those lovely looking wiggly worms of mash that I see on so many cheffy programmes.  When all the mash is completely smooth add a big dollop of butter and stir it through.  Use whatever mashed potato you need for that meal and then put the rest into portion sized amounts in freezer proof tubs, being careful to have as little air as possible in the tub.

Once the mash is completely cold, put the lid on the tub and put in the coldest part of the freezer to fast freeze.  When I want to use it I tend to get any mash I need for that evenings meal out of the freezer first thing in the morning, and let it thaw slowly at room temperature.  The best way to reheat it quickly is to pop it in the microwave for a couple of minutes, then finish off with a bit of butter and a sprinkling of herbs.

This way works for me every time, it's never watery tasting, and to us tastes as good as freshly made mashed potatoes.

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  1. Hi! It's very interesting that you don't add milk - that could be the ingredient that makes mine taste watery. Will do the next batch without! Thanks!

  2. I have never had any issue with them being watery after freezing, but have had them be a little dry. Of course that is easily remedied with a splash of milk or a little knob of butter. I guess it all just depends on our own individual methods doesn't it! It shows that there are 1000 ways of doing the same thing and they are all right for us in our own way!

  3. I will definitely try it your way, thanks for sharing :-)

  4. I will definitely try it your way, thanks for sharing :-)

  5. I freeze mash all the time, it often defrosts with consistency similar to wallpaper paste, and I would assume watery tasting. The key is to microwave it and stop it freq to stir, keep the faith and keep going because it turns back into perfect mash eventually.


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