Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Day 194 - Overcooking the Boiled Potatoes

After cooking far too many potatoes to go with the fishcakes the other night ... and overcooking them to boot, I decided to turn the excess into two trays of mashed potato to go straight into the freezer. 

 It'll save me a lot of time next time we fancy some mash with a meal, and it's something I used to do a lot of when I bought a big bag of potatoes and the last half bag were getting soft or starting to sprout.  Once cooked and frozen they can obviously be kept for as long as you need to keep them.

Processing food when you have the time, to eat when you haven't is far better than turning to bought ready meals, and far cheaper too.

There ... nothing wasted. 

 Two tubs of buttery mash cooling ready for the freezer, and the potato water was poured into a plastic tub once it had cooled, and then popped into the freezer as well.  This will make a good base for a vegetable soup next time I'm making one,  adding some potatoey goodness and flavour.

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. I've tried doing mash but it goes watery in the freezer and tastes awful. Its something I will splash out a £1 on while shopping every now and again.

  2. I've had the same problem with freezing mash, re watery and 'odd' taste. Sue, do you defrost yours before use or just put it into the oven and cook from frozen?

  3. I freeze mash but I freeze it in separate scoops as it's easier to calculate cals, etc. When I cook it, I reheat from frozen in the microwave stirring half way through. Comes out perfect and saves time and waste.

  4. I am emptying my freezer getting ready for my challenge, I must start doing things like this, why peel and boil a few potatoes you might as well make extra, saving time and money.

  5. Hi Sue, not sure if you read this free online magazine? It's from NZ so they are cooking warming food etc, which isn't out of place this summer...

    It's right up my street and I think it may suit you too -




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