Sunday, 10 July 2016

Day 192 - Clutching Eggs and Leaves

Most mornings after doggy breakfast and after walking them round the paddock, I stop off at the henhouse, give it a quick clean out, have a conversation with the chickens and throw them a few handfuls of corn, a treat they adore.

In return I am usually able, even this early in the day, to gather up two or three freshly laid eggs.  I often stop at the polytunnel on the way back to the house to see what jobs are the most urgent for the day ahead and as I wander down the pathways pick at a few leaves, spinach, kale and lettuce are the most prolific at the moment.

Then clutching eggs in one hand and leaves in the other I make my way back to the house.  It makes me realise that no matter how little cash we have either now, during the course of this Challenge and paying off the mortgage with a vengeance year, or in the future when we have a limited income coming into the house, we will never starve.

An omelette of fresh eggs and spinach is a breakfast fit for a king.

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. I agree, that breakfast is fit for a king or queen...Enjoy and have a good week!

  2. They are free range and organic products. High priced produce on your doorstep, you couldn't wish for better.

  3. A perfect and delicious breakfast and straight from the garden. What could be better.

  4. What a great breakfast and all so fresh too how lovely
    I'm intrigued as what you did with the leftovers from your curry yesterday any chance of a post about that?


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