Saturday, 9 July 2016

Day 191 - Obvious Leftovers

I thawed out a tub of Quinoa, Chickpea and Potato Curry for my tea last night not realising the size of the portion I had frozen.  It was actually a strange portion size, I had obviously just piled it into the tub until it reached the top, so it was neither a single portion or a double one!  Anyway I piled it all on my rice without really thinking and then saw it for the amount it was.

I was hungry so I thought 'well you never know I might be able to finish it' and set to ... but I was defeated with about half a dozen spoonfuls to go.  Tonight I intend to make the leftovers into something completely different ... now I just have to get the old brain cells working.

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. Posh bubble and squeak, be lovely with poached eggs.

  2. Egg fried rice with soy sauce. And a few mushrooms if you have them.

  3. I made soup last week from all the leftover bits of vegetables donated by neighbours and friends. I froze 3 portions and put 2 portions into a bowl in the fridge for the following two days' lunches. The next day I heated up some soup for my lunch and couldn't understand why the soup bowl was almost overflowing. I was very full up and suddenly realised that I'd eaten two days' worth of soup! Certainly had my 5 a day that day! Your meal looks lovely x

  4. I'd mix it with the rice and something else to thicken it- flour? Mashed potatoes? mash the potatoes and chick peas in it?- and fry it as rissoles. Serve with salad and I would say a raita-type sauce, but I'm not sure you (can) eat yoghurt...


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