Monday, 13 June 2016

Days 164 & 165 - Playing Spot the Difference

The main food cupboard this morning .....

... and the same cupboard in January at the start of the Challenge.  

In almost six months it barely seems to have altered .... and this is why I am doing this Challenge to see what we eat and how much of it.  It seems we do not eat a lot of food from either jars, tins or packets.  

And thus I get the feeling this cupboard could almost last us out the rest of the Challenge, unless I consciously start to base more meals around the contents of it to run the stocks down so that it eventually holds only the foods that we do eat regularly.

Both yesterday and today are No Spend Days

I just couldn't get on the computer to post yesterday due to Lovely Hubby needing it for a rather exciting project we have just begun, one that has been made possible by us cutting our spending to the absolute minimum during this Challenge for the first half of this year and a lovely early inheritance that we have just been given  :-)


  1. Ooh I look forward to reading about your project. Are you going to do B&B I wonder?

    1. I'm not jinxing it by giving too much away just yet .... but no it's not a B&B. That's something our next door neighbour does so it wouldn't be fair to compete, and anyway our house is far too small to do that .... AND I'm not a morning person, you wouldn't want to sit in the same room as me first thing in the morning!!

  2. Best of luck with the mystery project. I need to do some re-evaluation of the pantry contents here, too.

  3. Conservatory. I'm not sure if you already have one. They are not common here in the U.S. but I've seen many pictures of them in the UK and I really love them.

  4. I think I remember you talking about this project last year (if it's what I think it is). Good luck and hope all goes well xx

  5. Good luck. Its great when you see the benefits of your savings.

  6. Intriguing can't wait for the big reveal really enjoy reading your blog and challenges :)


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