Thursday, 30 June 2016

Day 182 - Holland and Barrett

I got this Holland and Barrett coupon through the post at the start of the week.  I managed to get this amount because I went a bit mad back in April and spent £41.17 on an assortment of nuts, nibbles and cheeses.  (See HERE if you missed that post.)

They are obviously trying to tempt me back, as they do all their customers, because along with my £3.50 coupon I got these two little vouchers.  Double points on my 'basket' and 500 extra points if I spend £30 or more.  Now if I were to spend £30 or thereabouts at Holland and Barrett that would take my remaining cash down to just over £50, and even with using the vouchers meaning that next time I would get at least a £5 coupon to spend ... with half the year still to go I don't think want to be using so much cash up in one go.

However, the coupons will stay in my purse until their expiry date just in case, and I have until the end of September to spend my £3.50 of coupon on whatever I need.

Today is a No Spend Day ...
... and tomorrow is a very special day  :-)

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