Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Day 173 - Breakfast Pies

So what did I make with the bargain 18p block of Gluten Free pastry, I bet you've been wondering since yesterday's post.  Well the little offcuts made these four lemon curd tarts ....

... and the main part of the pastry was used to make six open pies.  

'Breakfast Pies' for Lovely Hubby, simply leftover chopped bacon, sausage, mushrooms from his breakfast, topped with beaten egg to complete the 'breakfast', and a cheese and onion version for me.

I had already eaten one of mine while Lovely Hubby had his afternoon snooze, so at teatime I just put one on my plate with a dollop of the salad.  Has anyone spotted the error ..... yep I plated up one of his pies for me  YUK!!

The dogs got that one for their breakfast the next day and I replaced it with a cheese and onion one.

So in total one meal for me, two for Lovely Hubby, he took a cheese and onion one with the last of the salad to work the following day for his lunch ... and one very tasty surprise breakfast for the dogs.

Not bad for a grand total of 28p of bought in extras.

I didn't like the gluten free pastry much and won't buy it again,  I doubt even at 18p.  Next time I'll leave it on the shelf for someone who needs it more than me.

Today is a No Spend Day

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