Saturday, 18 June 2016

Day 170 - Leftovers .... and No Extra Pots to Wash

Each week as the weekend draws near I go through the fridge using up all the odds and sods that are cluttering up the shelves.  In my opinion you can't beat a meal made out of leftovers, it's nice to see every scrap of things used up and the knowledge that no new packets or jars have been opened up to produce a meal is very rewarding.

In this case it was the last of the choppy salad, a few tablespoons of cooked rice, half a salmon fillet that had been flaked ready for just such an occasion, and the scrapings from a jar of mayonnaise.  It made for a tasty and deceptively filling little lunch.

And to save washing even more pots I ate it straight out of the tub the salad had been in.

Now the shelves of the fridge are virtually bare ... so unless we want to eat Feta Cheese and homemade jam with a dash of tomato ketchup it's time to go shopping again.  Milk is needed for sure, and I think alongside the few salady vegetables we need,  for a change I'll buy some fruit to make some Nutriblasts, it's the time of year when a nice cool liquid breakfast is very appealing.

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. I was just thinking that feta and jam sounded very innovative!

  2. I had Thursday and Friday off work so managed to get this done a little earlier this week - and then got my shopping done on Friday. Blogs such as your's have really encouraged me to use up everything and not let it go to waste. I finally managed to empty my freezer (just the top of the fridge but holds a lot) so now I need to start restocking but I'm taking my time and really thinking about what I use or will want to use over the hot summer months.


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