Friday, 17 June 2016

Day 169 - Snacking

I'm making a conscious effort not to snack these days ... well I'm trying!!  

Eating enough at meals to see me through until the next one helps, but I don't have a huge appetite and tend to have a light lunch, especially when I'm going to be digging or bending over weeding in the afternoon, so I find it's one of the hardest habits for me to break, a cup of coffee sometimes screams out to be enjoyed with a biscuit or two .... or three after a couple of hours of outdoor work especially if it's being drunk sat in the sunshine outside the back door. 

I made a batch of shortbread earlier in the week, I was really fancying some and I thought it would last until the weekend .... no chance, it's all gone!!

Oh well I can always make some more ... or be good and just stop it with all the nibbling  ;-)

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. The amount of physical work you do i doubt a biscuit or 2 would cause too much harm....Unless you have a health complaint obviously.

    Always good to cut back on sugary snacks for health reasons but if you really need a healthy sweet snack I've heard Livia's kitchen (blog & baking book) is very good (maybe you could rent it from library free of charge or hint at it for a present)


  3. I followed Livia's Kitchen and watched her videos for ages. Although she is actually friends with Ella (Deliciously Ella) she always comes across to me as a poor copy of her.

    Her snacks are always packed full of sugar, naturally occurring sugars yes, but these are equally as bad for Lovely Hubby as a Mars bar being a diabetic as he is. So I stick to a few of Ella's recipes for sweet treats.

    Livia's book is one I'm not tempted to buy as it is mostly sweet treats. Ella's books are mostly savoury with some sweet treats and more basics, such as making your own milks etc

    Thanks for the link. 😊

    1. Wow I didnt realise it would be still so bad for diabetics, what a rubbish recommendation. Sorry. (Ps I didn't know your hubby was diabetic poor guy hope he manages it ok).

      Deliciously Ella seems really good though :)

  4. What are the nibbles in the bowl, they look delicious?

    1. They are 'Super Seaweed Peanuts' from Holland and Barrett, they were the last few from the bag I bought back in April.

    2. Thanks, not heard of them before.


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